212 Pages
    by A K Peters/CRC Press

    The Wavelet Transform has stimulated research that is unparalleled since the invention of the Fast Fourier Transform and has opened new avenues of applications in signal processing, image compression, radiology, cardiology, and many other areas. This book grew out of a short course for mathematics students at the ETH in Zurich; it provides a solid mathematical foundation for the broad range of applications enjoyed by the wavelet transform. Numerous illustrations and fully worked out examples enhance the book.

    Preface, Read Me, 1. Formulating the problem, 2. Fourier analysis, 3. The continuous wavelet transform, 4. Frames, 5. Multiresolution analysis, 6. Orthonormal wavelets with compact support, References, Index


    Blatter , Christian

    Wavelets: A Primer is a fine recommendation for any college-level collection strong in engineering, and grew out of a short course for math students on the subject of wavelets. Illustrations, examples, and discussions offer a fine introduction to the field. A pick for math students who have knowledge of analysis with little practical applications.
    Midwest Book Review, October 2011