1st Edition

Wavelets in Medicine and Biology

Edited By Akram Aldroubi, Michael Unser Copyright 1996
    632 Pages
    by Routledge

    632 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Considerable attention from the international scientific community is currently focused on the wide ranging applications of wavelets. For the first time, the field's leading experts have come together to produce a complete guide to wavelet transform applications in medicine and biology. Wavelets in Medicine and Biology provides accessible, detailed, and comprehensive guidelines for all those interested in learning about wavelets and their applications to biomedical problems.

    Preface, A. Aldroubi and M. Unser
    Wavelet Transform: Theory and Implementation
    The Wavelet Transform: A Surfing Guide, A. Aldroubi
    A Practical Guide to the Implementation of the Wavelet Transform, M. Unser
    Wavelets in Medical Imaging and Tomography
    An Application of Wavelet Shrinkage to Tomography, E. Kolaczyk
    Wavelet Denoising of Functional MRI Data, M. Hilton, T. Ogden, D. Hattery, G. Eden, and B. Jawerth
    Statistical Analysis of Image Differences by Wavelet Decomposition, U.E. Ruttiman, M. Unser, P. Thévenaz, C. Lee, D. Rio, and D. Hommer
    Feature Extraction in Digital Mammography, R.A. DeVore, B. Lucier, and Z. Yang
    Contrast Enhancement by Multiscale and Nonlinear Operators, J. Fan and A. Laine
    Using Wavelets to Suppress Noise in Biomedical Images, M. Malfait
    Wavelet Transform and Tomography: Continuous and Discrete Approaches, F. Peyrin and M. Zaim
    Wavelets and Local Tomography, C. Berenstein and D. Walnut
    Optimal Time-Frequency Projections for Localized Tomography, T. Olson
    Adapted Wavelet Techniques for Encoding Magnetic Resonance Images, D. Healy and J. Weaver
    Wavelets and Biomedical Signal Processing
    Sleep Images Using the Wavelet Transform to Process Polysomnographic Signals, R. Sartene, L. Poupard, J.L. Bernard, and J.C. Wallet
    Estimating the Fractal Exponent of Point Processes in Biological Systems Using Wavelet- and Fourier-Transform Methods, M.C. Teich, C. Heneghan, S.B. Lowen, and R.G. Turcott
    Point Processes, Long Range Dependence, and Wavelets, P. Abry and P. Flandrin
    Continuous Wavelet Transform: ECG Recognition Based on Phase and Modulus Representations and Hidden Markov Models, L. Senhadji, L. Thoraval, and G. Carrault
    Interference Canceling in Biomedical Systems: The Mutual Wavelet Packet Approach, M. Karrakchou and M. Kunt
    Frame Signal Processing Applied to Bioelectric Data, J.J. Benedetto
    Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease Using Wavelet-Based Neural Networks, M. Akay


    Aldroubi, Akram | Unser, Michael

    "The book is well-produced, and on the whole well-written. It should be useful to research students entering the field, and could be inspiring to mathematics undergraduates interested in real, and indisputably useful, applications of their subject."
    -David Griffel,The Mathematical Gazette