1st Edition

We Are Not Alone A Teenage Boy's Personal Account of Child Sexual Abuse from Disclosure Through Prosecution and Treat

By Jade Christine Angelica Copyright 2002
    106 Pages
    by Routledge

    106 Pages
    by Routledge

    Any teenage boy who discloses sexual abuse is facing an emotional ordeal. However, the workbook We Are Not Alone: A Teenage Boy’s Personal Account of Child Sexual Abuse from Disclosure Through Prosecution and Treatment can help him understand and endure the process. As it tells the first-person story of Joe, whose neighbor molested him, it offers an opportunity to discuss emotional issues, learn the facts of the process, and gain the sense of solidarity and support so crucial to the recovery of abused children. This helpful book deals with gender-specific issues as well as the universal problems of any sexually traumatized teenager. We Are Not Alone: A Guidebook for Helping Professionals and Parents Supporting Adolescent Victims of Sexual Abuse is also available as a companion volume for therapists, teachers, legal and law enforcement professionals, and parents of the victim.

    • Introduction
    • Welcome to the Teen Reader
    • Identification of Characters
    • Section 1. I'm Joe
    • Section 2. The First Time I Told
    • Section 3. I'm Sorry
    • Section 4. Making a Report
    • Section 5. The Investigation Begins
    • Section 6. The Interview
    • Section 7. After the Interview
    • Section 8. Counseling
    • Section 9. Prosecution Begins
    • Section 10. Pretrial Testimony
    • Section 11. Counseling Support
    • Section 12. Waiting
    • Section 13. At School
    • Section 14. The Indictment
    • Section 15. The Arraignment
    • Section 16. Waiting Again
    • Section 17. The Empty Courtroom
    • Section 18. Pretrial Details
    • Section 19. Delays and Preparations
    • Section 20. The Trial Begins
    • Section 21. In Court
    • Section 22. Cross-Examination
    • Section 23. Instructions to the Jury
    • Section 24. The Verdict
    • Section 25. After the Trial
    • Section 26. Victim Impact Statement
    • Section 27. Sentencing
    • Section 28. Toward Recovery
    • Section 29. Guiding Questions
    • Support People I Can Depend On
    • How It Happened for Me: A Diagram
    • Glossary


    Jade Christine Angelica