1st Edition

Weathering An Introduction to the Scientific Principles

By Will Bland, David Rolls Copyright 1998

    Our landscape is constantly changing, but before the dramatic effects of erosion and mass movement take place, more subtle forces work on the rocks, minerals and soils around us. Weathering is the initial process which exposes the top few layers of the Earth to the potential for change.

    This book provides an introduction to the scientific principles behind mechanical, chemical and biological weathering. Starting with a consideration of the chemical and physical properties of rocks and water, the authors proceed to an accessible explanation of the weathering processes themselves, concluding with a review of weathering rates and intensities, and a survey of the effects of weathering on the landscape. Assuming little background knowledge, the authors develop ideas from first principles to provide a straightforward introduction to weathering for students of geography, geology and earth and environmental science.

    General principles of bonding and structure in earth materials
    Application of structures: the structures of silicates and other earth materials
    Bulk physical properties of rocks
    Physical properties of water
    The chemical properties of water
    Mechanical weathering processes
    Chemical weathering
    Biological weathering
    Intensity and rate of weathering
    The products of weathering
    Weathering- controlled landforms


    Will Bland, David Rolls