1st Edition

Western Broadcasting over the Iron Curtain

Edited By K.R.M. Short Copyright 1986

    Western Broadcasting Over the Iron Curtain (1986) examines the development of broadcasting policy by Western democracies, levels of government control of policy, efforts by communist regimes to minimize the effects of western broadcasting, and Soviet and Eastern European audience opinions on such diverse subjects as the success or failure of socialism and the Korean airline disaster.

    1. The Real Masters of the Black Heavens: Western Broadcasters Over the Iron Curtain K.R.M. Short  Part 1. North American Broadcasting Over the Iron Curtain  2. Radio Canada International and Broadcasting Over the Iron Curtain Frank Ward  3. International Broadcasting and US Political Realities Frank Shakespeare  4. Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty in the Mid-1980s William A. Buell  5. The Voice Past: VOA, the USSR and Communist Europe Alan Heil  6. The Voice Present and Future: VOA, the USSR and Communist Europe Edward Mainland  Part 2. European Broadcasting Over the Iron Curtain  7. The BBC External Services: Broadcasting to the USSR and Eastern Europe Peter Fraenkel  8. Deutsche Welle’s Russian Service, 1962–85 Botho Kirsch  9. Deutschlandfunk: Broadcasting to East Germany and Eastern Europe Jürgen Reiss  10. Radio in the American Sector, RIAS Berlin Donald R. Browne  11. German Democratic Republic Censorship and West German Broadcasting Gerhard Wettig  Part 3. Iron Curtain Audiences and Public Opinion  13. Public Opinion Assessment and Radio Free Europe’s Effectiveness in Eastern Europe Mary McIntosh


    K.R.M. Short