1st Edition

Western Enterprise in Far Eastern Economic Development

By G. C. Allen, Donnithorne Copyright 2003
    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    294 Pages
    by Routledge

    Western Enterprise in Far Eastern Economic Development charts the activities of Western firms in China and Japan from the middle of the nineteenth century, when those countries were opened to foreign trade, until recently.
    The organization of the Western business undertakings, the types of firms concerned and relations between the Westerners and the Japanese and Chinese economies are all discussed.
    Among the economic activities covered are: merchant banking, finance, manufacturing, mining, shipping and domestic transport. A dominant theme is the contrast presented by China and Japan in their response to Western enterprise.

    PART ONE: CHINA 1. The Course of Western Enterprise 2. The Western Merchant in China 3. The Organisation of the Export Trade: Tea and Silk 4. The Organisation of the Export Trade: Miscellaneous Goods 5. The Organisation of the Import Trade 6. Banking and Insurance 7. Western Shipping in China Waters 8. Railways, Civil Aviation and Public Utilities 9. Mining 10. The Factory Industries PART TWO: JAPAN 11. The Modernisation of the Economy 12. The Western Merchant in Japan 13. Banking and Communications 14. Manufacturing Industry and Capital Investment 15. Summary and Conclusions


    G.C. Allen, Audrey G. Donnithorne