782 Pages
    by Routledge

    Presents text, statistics and directory information on the geography, recent history and economy of the Western European countries and territories.
    Key features include:
    * Contributions from acknowledged experts
    * Includes a definitive factual and statistical survey of each country
    * Over 700 pages of impartial data.
    General Survey
    * Introductory essays written by acknowledged experts cover issues or regional importance, such as: The European Union Towards 2004; Europe's Defence Arrangements; The Politics of Immigration and Asylum in Western Europe; European Monetary Union and Western Europe and the Developing World.
    Country Surveys
    * A separate chapter for every country in the region providing details of geography, recent history and the economy; a demographic and economic survey using the latest available statistics on finance, industry, agriculture, trade, population, education, transport and tourism; a directory of essential names, addresses, contact numbers, e-mail and internet addresses, for key areas such as, the constitution, government and politics, diplomatic representation, the judicial system, religion, the press, publishers, broadcasting and communications, finance, trade and industry, transport and tourism; a select bibliography is also included.


    Juliet Love, Jillian O'Brien

    'Excellent survey of Europe, should not be missed.' - Library Association Record