12th Edition

Western Europe 2010

Edited By Europa Publications Copyright 2009
    896 Pages
    by Routledge

    A comprehensive survey of the countries and territories of Western Europe, which comprises expert analysis and commentary and includes up-to-date statistical and directory information.

    Key features

    • contributions from around forty acknowledged experts
    • thoroughly revised directory and statistical information on each country and territory.

    General Survey

    • introductory articles by leading authorities cover issues of regional importance. Topics include developments in the European Union, the politics of migration, environmental issues, the challenges surrounding Western Europe's defence policies, relations with the developing world, Islam in Western Europe and an economic survey of the region.

    Country Surveys

    Individual chapters on each country, which comprise:

    • an introductory survey, containing essays on the geography, history and economy of each country, which includes a full chronology and map
    • an extensive economic and demographic survey of the latest available statistics on area and population, health and welfare, agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, industry, finance, trade, transport, tourism, communications media and education
    • a full directory section with names, addresses, contact numbers and e-mail and internet addresses covering the constitution, government, election commissions, political organizations, diplomatic representation, religious groups, the media, finance, trade and industry, tourism, defence and education
    • a select bibliography, containing suggestions for further research.

    Regional Information

    • includes a directory of research institutes specializing in the region and bibliographies of books and periodicals covering Western Europe.


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