1st Edition

Western Intelligence and the Collapse of the Soviet Union 1980-1990: Ten Years that did not Shake the World

By David Arbel, Ran Edelist Copyright 2003
    338 Pages
    by Routledge

    356 Pages
    by Routledge

    In 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed. It was an event of major historic and global dimensions, yet it took the entire world totally by suprise. In this book, the authors interview dozens of people who dealt with Soviet affairs in the 1980s, all of who admit to having been caught off guard.

    1. The Threat Chapter 2. The Myth 3. Conceptual Conformity 4. The Great Surprise 5. The Writing on the Wall 6. Why the West Failed to See the Writing on the Wall 7. Politics and Intelligence 8. The Relevance of Strategic Intelligence 9. Epilogue: From strategic blind spot to operational blunder


    David Arbel, Ran Edelist