2nd Edition

What Do Great Teachers Say? Language All Teachers Can Use to Transform Student Behavior, Parent Relationships, and Classroom Culture 6-12

By Hal Holloman, Peggy H. Yates Copyright 2024
    294 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    294 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    Do you remember a time when you used the right words at the right moment, and they made all the difference? With the aim of helping you repeat that experience every day, this book provides hundreds of examples of what we call Great Teacher Language, a technique designed to help all teachers use words to transform student behavior and parent relationships. In their years of working at the K-12 levels, educators Hal Holloman and Peggy H. Yates have identified the exact phrases and key words you can use in your classroom to address inappropriate outbursts, a lack of respect and cooperation, student conflict, and more. Great Teacher Language will enable you to transform student behavior, parent relationships, and your classroom culture.

    The book features 11 Great Teacher Language Word Categories, which you'll learn how to use in terms of self-talk, student talk, and parent talk: Words of Accountability, Words of Encouragement, Words of Grace, Words of Guidance, Words of High Expectations, Words of Hope, Words of Love, Words of Relationships, Words of Respect, Words of Understanding, and Words of Unity.

    Filled with helpful charts and Great Teacher Language examples, this resource will be one you turn to again and again and will make a transformational difference for your middle and high school students, their parents, and you!

    Introduction  1. Great Teacher Language: The Right Words at The Right Time  2. The 11 Great Teacher Language Word Categories and Frameworks for Transforming Middle School and High School Student Behavior and Parent Relationships  3. What Do Great Teachers Say on the First Day of School and the Days that Follow?  4. What Do Great Teachers Say When a Student Seems Apathetic, Passively Disengaged, and/or Disconnected from School?  5. What Do Great Teachers Say to Encourage Proper Use of Technology and Devices in the Classroom?  6. What Do Great Teachers Say When a Student is an Attention Seeker?  7. What Do Great Teachers Say When a Student Outburst Happens?  8. What Do Great Teachers Say When a Student Does Not Show Respect for Themselves or Others?  9. What Do Great Teachers Say When a Student Refuses to Cooperate or Challenges Them?  10. What Do Great Teachers Say When a Student Conflict Occurs?  11. Transforming Your Middle School and High School Classroom Culture into a Great Classroom Culture to Promote High School Readiness, College and/or Career Readiness, and Life Skills


    Hal Holloman has experience as a teacher, coach, assistant principal, and principal at various levels. Currently, he is a Professor of Educational Leadership at East Carolina University and Director of the ECU Pirate Leadership Academy, where he teaches in the Masters of School Administration program and coaches new school leaders.

    Peggy H. Yates has over 35 years of experience in the field of education, including positions as an elementary and middle school teacher, district-level K-8 curriculum and instruction director, higher education administrator, and Associate Professor in the College of Education at East Carolina University.