1st Edition

What Does It Mean to 'Make' Love? A Psychoanalytic Study of Sexuality and Phantasy

By Gérard Pommier Copyright 2025
    416 Pages
    by Routledge

    416 Pages
    by Routledge

    What Does It Mean to Make Love? shows how the choice of gender does not conform to anatomy and is based on an often-unrecognised psychic bisexuality.

    Everyone chooses a gender by repressing the other gender, which becomes the site of both an attraction and a conflict, a "war of the sexes", the contingencies of which animate desire. Gérard Pommier explores aspects of phantasies, desire, and perversion as part of "sexual machinery" before considering the question of orgasm. Pommier’s work demonstrates that the analysis of orgasm brings out a political dimension, and that aspects of both social and personal life are illuminated by the study of how we think - consciously and unconsciously - about orgasm and the role ascribed to it.

    This book makes valuable contributions to the study of sexuality and will be of interest to all psychoanalysts and students of psychoanalysis, as well as those in the fields of gender studies, anthropology, and psychology.


    Chapter 1

    On the metamorphic principle of bodies

    Chapter 2

    From autoerotism to autoerotism for two, on the way to… erotism

    Chapter 3

    Invariants and variables of human sexuality

    Chapter 4

    The dangers of ‘becoming feminine’

    Chapter 5

    Fundamental fantasies, organisers of sexual desire

    Chapter 6

    Where does the power of desire come from?

    Chapter 7

    From perversion to neurotic perversity

    Chapter 8

    Orgasm, perhaps

    Chapter 9

    What the study of the orgasm brings to psychoanalytic theory

    Chapter 10

    What never ends

    Chapter 11

    In search of the Sovereign Good


    Gérard Pommier (1941-2023) was a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. He was professor of psychopathology at the University of Strasbourg, director of the journal La clinique lacanienne and co-founder of the European Foundation for Psychoanalysis.