1st Edition

What Every Elementary Teacher Needs to Know About Reading Tests (From Someone Who Has Written Them)

By Charles Fuhrken Copyright 2009

    When he was a student struggling to concentrate on dreadfully boring passages of standardized reading tests, Charles Fuhrken remembers thinking to himself, 'Who writes this stuff?' He had no idea that one day it would be him. ' Fuhrken has spent years working as a writer for several major testing companies, and he believes that what he's learned about testing could be very usefuleven liberatingfor teachers interested in teaching effective reading strategies as well as preparing students for reading tests. In What Every Elementary Teacher Needs to Know About Reading Tests (From Someone Who Has Written Them), Fuhrken' takes the mystery out of reading tests. He explains how reading tests are created, how standards are interpreted and assessed, and how students can apply their knowledge of reading to standardized tests.' ' What Every Elementary Teacher Needs to Know About Reading Tests sets the record straight about the myths and realities of tests and offers extensive, practical strategies that help students perform well on test day. This ready to use, easy to understand resource provides a wealth of information about reading tests, including high-quality preparation materials; samples of the most frequently assessed reading standards; and more than thirty engaging, core-reading activities. ' Tests require a special kind of savvy, a kind of critical thinking and knowledge-application that is not always a part of classroom reading experiences. That's why teachers need to provide students with sound, specific information about reading tests. Only then can students feel prepared and confident on test day. '

    Introduction; Section 1: Building Understandings About Tests; Chapter 1: Common Beliefs About Test Making: Fact or Fiction?; Chapter 2: Common Beliefs About Test Taking: Fact or Fiction?; Section 2: Exploring Strategies for Reading Tests; Chapter 3: Vocabulary Development; Chapter 4: Important Ideas; Chapter 5: Literary Elements; Chapter 6: Literary Techniques; Chapter 7: Interpretations; Chapter 8: Activities for Text Matters; Section 3: Putting Strategies to Work; Section 4: Demonstrating Understandings with Reading Activities; Activities for Vocabulary Development; Activities for Important Ideas; Activities for Literary Elements; Activities for Literary Techniques; Activities for Interpretations; Activities for Text Matters; Conclusion


    Charles Fuhrken. For the past twelve years, Charles has worked in assessment for three major test publishers and on testing programs for several states, as well as on norm-referenced achievement tests. After completing a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction at the University of Texas at Austin, Charles began writing What Every Elementary Teacher Needs to Know About Reading Tests. “From talking to teachers in various arenas,” he says, “I’ve come to understand that teachers want and deserve to be informed about tests, but currently they feel either uninformed or misinformed.”

    "A from-the-horse's-mouth account that lays out what teachers need to know about reading tests in plain terms."- Midwest Book Review