2nd Edition

What is this thing called Global Justice?

By Kok-Chor Tan Copyright 2022
    216 Pages
    by Routledge

    216 Pages
    by Routledge

    What is this thing called Global Justice? is a clear and engaging introduction to this widely studied and important topic. It explores the fundamental concepts, issues and arguments at the heart of global justice, including:

    • world poverty
    • economic inequality
    • nationalism
    • human rights
    • humanitarian intervention
    • immigration
    • global democracy and governance
    • climate change
    • reparations
    • health justice
    • international justice.

    This second edition has been updated throughout and includes two new chapters: on ethical and moral debates concerning reparations and on global health justice. The chapters on world poverty, human rights, just war, borders, climate justice, and global democracy have also been substantially revised and updated.

    Centered on real world problems, this textbook helps students to understand that global justice is not only a field of philosophical inquiry but also of practical importance. Each chapter concludes with a helpful summary of the main ideas discussed, study questions and a further reading guide.

    Preface to the Second Edition

    1. Introduction

    2. World Poverty

    3. Global Economic Equality

    4. Global Egalitarianism: objections and replies

    5. Nationalism and Patriotic Sentiments

    6. The Universality of Human Rights

    7. Human Rights: the challenge of sovereignty, culture and gender

    8. Just Wars and Humanitarian Intervention

    9. Borders: immigration, secession and territory

    10. Climate Change Justice: sharing the burden

    11. Global Democracy: cosmopolitan versus international

    12. Global Health Justice

    13. Reparations: is international reparative justice possible and necessary?

    14. Conclusion.




    Kok-Chor Tan is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania, USA. His books include Justice, Institutions, and Luck (2012), Justice Without Borders (2004), and Toleration, Diversity, and Global Justice (2000).

    Praise for the first edition:

    'This is an extremely accessible and comprehensive introduction to global justice and its application to concerns that continue to threaten global cohabitation. Balancing theoretical richness with exacting practical application, this book is an absolute must-have for anyone interested in better understanding global justice and its scope. In fact, it should be required reading for any course featuring global justice!' - Garrett W. Brown, University of Leeds, UK

    'This volume provides a comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to some of the most important issues in global justice, including world poverty, human rights, cultural diversity, just war and immigration. Kok-Chor Tan does a terrific job in presenting complex ideas in a rigorous yet highly accessible style, drawing on the latest scholarship in political philosophy. This will be an excellent resource for students as well as for teachers.' - Massimo Renzo, King's College London, UK

    'The text is accessible to the expected undergraduate audience but also to a broader readership, including advocated who desire to be a more effective for those whom they seek to serve. Thanks to its content and style, this text is well able to speak to those from a diverse range of backgrounds.' - Carolyn M. Evans, University of New South Wales, Australia