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What's in it for schools?

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The What’s in it for Schools? series aims to make educational policy issues relevant to practitioners. Each book in the series focuses on a major educational issue. The authors set the issues in context, look at how it impacts on the daily lives of schools and teachers, and raise key questions. The books are grounded in solid theory, recent research evidence and best practice, and will make an excellent addition to any staffroom bookshelf.

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Inspection What's In It for Schools?

Inspection: What's In It for Schools?

1st Edition

By James Learmonth
January 29, 2001

This text traces the development of different forms of inspection. It draws on a range of sources such as rigorous and informed research and inspection evidence, writing by key figures, teachers' own experiences, newspaper headlines and other comments, whilst remaining jargon-free. This topical ...

School Improvement What's In It For Schools?

School Improvement: What's In It For Schools?

1st Edition

By Alma Harris
June 28, 2002

This book aims to demystify the principles and practice of school improvement by demonstrating how successful classroom and school improvement occurs. It outlines the conditions, strategies and approaches that promote sustainable improvement and provides an overview of the main theoretical ...

It's About Learning (and It's About Time) What's in it for Schools?

It's About Learning (and It's About Time): What's in it for Schools?

1st Edition

By Louise Stoll, Dean Fink, Lorna Earl
December 06, 2002

The purpose of this book is to re-orient the current agenda in education towards learning. The recent emphasis has been on achieving standards through managing schools, teachers and the teaching process. But the real purpose of schools was, is, and always will be about learning. In an increasingly...

Classrooms as Learning Communities What's In It For Schools?

Classrooms as Learning Communities: What's In It For Schools?

1st Edition

By Chris Watkins
July 19, 2005

In classrooms that operate as learning communities, the social and learning purposes advance together through all participants being involved and engaged in building knowledge. This book demonstrates a new way of seeing and managing classrooms through: an integration of what's best in learning and...

Leadership What's In It For Schools?

Leadership: What's In It For Schools?

1st Edition

By Tom Sergiovanni
December 29, 2001

The What's in it for Schools series has been written by experts in the field for an audience of busy practitioners. The books present research and thinking about topical education issues and present it in an accessible and relevant way.What makes a good leader? Does good leadership matter in ...

Self-Evaluation What's In It For Schools?

Self-Evaluation: What's In It For Schools?

1st Edition

By John MacBeath, Archie Mcglynn
October 11, 2002

Self-evaluation in schools sits at the top of the national agenda in response to an awareness that performance tables and inspector's reports can only tell a partial story. Schools are now encouraged to raise questions about 'How are we doing?' and 'How do we know?'. Self-Evaluation: What's in it ...

Consulting Pupils What's In It For Schools?

Consulting Pupils: What's In It For Schools?

1st Edition

By Julia Flutter, Jean Rudduck
April 16, 2004

Consulting Pupils considers the potential benefits and implications of talking to students about teaching and learning in school, exploring its impact at different levels. Key issues included are: * the importance of engaging young learners in a focused dialogue about learning* the role of pupil ...

Assessment What's In It For Schools?

Assessment: What's In It For Schools?

1st Edition

By Patricia Broadfoot, Paul Weeden, Jan Winter
September 20, 2002

There has been much debate on the purposes and methods of assessment over the last couple of years. This book gathers together the latest thinking and looks at how assessment can be used to promote or inhibit learning. Unlike other books on the market, this one summarizes theory and shows how it ...

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