1st Edition

When Media Succumbs to Rising Authoritarianism Cautionary Tales from Venezuela’s Recent History

Edited By Ezequiel Korin, Paromita Pain Copyright 2021
    154 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    154 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    This book provides a transversal scholarly exploration of the multiple changes exhibited around Venezuelan media during the Chávez regime. Bringing together a body of original research by key scholars in the field, the book looks at the different processes entailed by Chavismo’s relationship with the media, extending their discussion beyond the boundaries of the specific cases or examples and into the entire articulation of a nearly-perfect communicational hegemony. 

    It explores the wide-ranging transformations in the national mediascape, such as how censorship of journalistic endeavors has impacted news consumption/production in the country to the complexities of Venezuelan filmmaking during Chavismo, from the symbolic postmortem persistence of Chávez to the profound transformations undergone by telenovelas, from the politically induced migration of online audiences to the reinvention of media spaces for cultural journalism as forms of resistance. 

    Allowing readers to engage not only with the particular case studies or exemplars presented, but with the underlying cultural, economic, political, societal, and technical aspects that come into play and which allow the extrapolation of this body of research onto other national or international contexts, this book will be an important resource for scholars and students of journalism, communication, media studies, and politics.

    1. Two Films: A Rhizomatic Connection
    Arturo Serrano

    2. Short-form Documentaries, Cyber Activism, and Resistance by Venezuelan Filmmakers
    Concepción Cascajosa-Virino and Bárbara Barrios Barreto

    3. Asymmetrical Information Warfare in the Venezuelan Contested Media Spaces
    Iria Puyosa

    4. Rebellious Audiences: Information Platform Migration and Use of WhatsApp in a Tyrannized Society
    Carmen Beatriz Fernández

    5. From Riches to Rags: The Decline of Venezuelan Telenovelas
    Carolina Acosta-Alzuru

    6. Status of Institutional Advertising in Venezuela During 1999–2018
    Agrivalca Canelón S.

    7. The Return of the Caudillos in the Digital Age – Changing Hegemony and Media Caesarism: Continuities and Changes in the News Media Landscape Under the Chavismo
    Jairo Lugo-Ocando And Andrés Cañizález

    8. Chávez’s Eyes: An Iconic Presence in the Venezuelan Political Communication
    Max Römer-Pieretti

    9. Between Resistance and Reinvention: Cultural Diffusion in Venezuelan Media
    Moraima Guanipa


    Ezequiel Korin is Assistant Professor at the University of Nevada — Reno

    Paromita Pain is Assistant Professor at the University of Nevada — Reno