1st Edition

White Lies Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality in White Supremacist Discourse

By Jessie Daniels Copyright 1997

    White supremacist groups have traditionally been viewed as "fringe" groups to be ignored, dismissed, or at most, observed warily. White Lies investigates the white supremacist imagination, and argues instead that the ideology of these groups is much closer to core American values than most of us would like to believe. The book explores white supremacist ideology through an analysis of over 300 publications from a variety of white supremacist organizations. It examines the discourse of these publications and the ways in which "whites," "blacks," and "Jews" are constructed within that discourse.

    Preface, Jessie Daniels; Chapter 1 Introduction, Jessie Daniels; Chapter 2 White Supremacist Movement(s) in a White Supremacist Context, Jessie Daniels; Chapter 3 Visions of Masculinity, Glimpses of Femininity: White Men and White Women, Jessie Daniels; Chapter 4 “Rapists,” “Welfare Queens,” and Vanessa Williams: Black Men and Black Women, Jessie Daniels; Chapter 5 “ZOG,” Bankers, and “Bull Dyke” Feminists: Jewish Men and Jewish Women, Jessie Daniels; Chapter 6 The Ends of White Supremacy, Jessie Daniels Methodology, Jessie DanielsfnappB_1 Publication Inventory, Jessie Daniels;


    Jessie Daniels is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Hofstra University