1st Edition

White Masculinity in Contemporary Australia The Good Ol’ Aussie Bloke

By Andrea Waling Copyright 2020
    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    238 Pages 12 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Spanning the disciplines of sociology, history, media and cultural studies, and popular culture, this book offers a historical exploration of Australian masculine tropes and an examination of contemporary representations of masculinity in the media. With attention to a range of thematic issues, including race, gender, sexuality, mythmaking, media representation, class, and nationality, it draws on new qualitative research and interview material to investigate the ways in which everyday Australian men take up or reject such ideas. White Masculinity in Contemporary Australia thus explores the contradictory resistance to and adoration of ideals of masculinity, forms of Othering used to differentiate the practice of "good" masculinity from that of "bad" masculinity, the relationship between heterosexuality, masculinity and Australian sporting culture as central to ideals of masculinity, and the existence of differing pressures to be masculine. As such it will appeal to scholars across the social sciences with interests in gender and sexuality, Australian studies, and contemporary popular culture.

    Introduction  1. Swagmen, Surfers, and ANZACS: Uncovering the "Aussie" Male Trope  2. Consumerism and the Revival of the Aussie Bloke  3. Masculinity in Australian Popular Television  4. Defining "Masculinity"  5. Fathers, Footy, and WAGs  6. Devolution of the Australian Male Trope  7. Affirmation and Rejection of Masculinity  Conclusion


    Andrea Waling (PhD) is a research fellow at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, La Trobe University, Australia. Her research interests include qualitative research, masculinity studies, sexualisation, LGBTIQ+ health and well-being, and studies in gender and sexuality. Further details of her research, projects, and publications can be found at andreawaling.wixsite.com/home.

    "In this engaging and timely book Waling draws on a range of rich data to examine historical shifts and continuities in representations of Australian masculinity, and to investigate how masculinity is currently lived and understood. Through a nuanced analysis she gives us unique insight into the contradictions and tensions of contemporary manhood." Barbara Pini, Professor of Sociology, Griffith University, Australia

    "Waling breathes new life into the critical study of men and masculinities with a lucid style, and, dare I say, some much needed optimism. Empirically ambitious and theoretically rich and diverse, White Masculinity in Contemporary Australia is an account that stands out in an increasingly crowded arena." Steve Roberts, Associate Professor of Sociology, Monash University, Australia

    "White Masculinity in Contemporary Australia is a most welcome contribution to a growing field of critical scholarship on men and masculinities. Waling’s argument for post-structural theory in the study of men and masculinities is important and will help to shape future arguments and debates." Jonathan A. Allan, Canada Research Chair in Queer Theory & Professor of English & Creative Writing, Brandon University, Canada

    "White Masculinity in Contemporary Australia is a wonderfully lyrical exploration of ideas about masculinity in Australia. Blending historical, cultural and sociological approaches, it shows that while traditional ideas about 'real Aussie blokes' might linger in the public mind, contemporary men's perceptions of their own masculinity are much more clear-eyed and progressive. This book is an exemplary model of how to study men, masculinities and social change." Andrew Singleton, Associate Professor of Sociology and Associate Head of School (Research), Deakin University, Australia

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