1st Edition

Wholehearted Teaching of Gifted Young Women Cultivating Courage, Connection, and Self-Care in Schools

By Kathryn Fishman-Weaver Copyright 2018
    214 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Wholehearted Teaching of Gifted Young Women explores the important role school communities play in supporting the social and emotional needs of high-achieving young women. Using a youth participatory action research model, this project follows 20 student researchers from high school through college. This longitudinal study leads to “Wholehearted Teaching,” a new framework for cultivating courage, connection, and self-care in schools. Framed with personal stories and filled with practical suggestions, this book offers strategies for teachers, counselors, parents, and high-achieving young women as they navigate the precipice of youth and everything after.

    List of Figures Acknowledgments Part I: A Case for Affective Education Chapter 1: The Masked Affective Crisis “What Is Your Central Story?” School Context Discovering the Masked Affective Crisis Why Women? Giftedness: A Loaded Label Academic Achievement Crisis as a Call to Action Wholehearted Living Vulnerability and Storytelling Self-Compassion and Perfectionism Teacher as Researcher Telling Our Story A Note About Pronouns Chapter 2: The Precipice The Precipice: Navigating the Space Between High School and College Overachievement Culture Affective Development: A Brief Overview Gifted Education and Affective Development Intersectionality and Coming-of-Age Theoretical Framework: Feminism Youth Participatory Action Research Part II: Cultivating Courage, Connection, and Self-Care in Schools Chapter 3: Courage Naming Courage Courage Is Contextualized by Power The Importance of Safe Space in Schools Courage Is Emotionally Charged Precipice and the Possibility for Courage The Ripple Effect of Practicing Courage Chapter 4: Connection Belonging Relatedness Closeness The Momentum of Connection High Stress, High Schools, and (Dis)Connection Critical Listening, Compassion, and Communication Connection Is Complicated Mothers: Mentors and Critics Connectedness as a Catalyst for Action An Exercise in Hope Chapter 5: Self-Care Self-Care Stories From Barnwood High School Self-Care Through Courage and Connection Positive Self-Image + Self-Efficacy = Preconditions for Self-Care Rejection Making College Decisions Self-Doubt’s Continued Grip Confronting Self-Doubt Embodying Self-Care Physical Strength Weight and Balance Managing Self-Care: Five Student Examples Part III: Wholehearted Teaching Chapter 6: A Framework for Wholehearted Teaching Limited Strong What Does It Mean to Feel Strong? Guarded Vulnerable Privilege, Power, and Vulnerable Stories Strength + Vulnerability = Courage Low Achievement High Achievement Self-Harm Self-Care Self-Care + High Achievement = Healthy Striving Vulnerability + High Achievement = Growth Mindset Self-Care + Strength = Wellness Connection: The Multiplier Across Wholehearted Teaching A Multiplicity of “Right” Answers Chapter 7: Implementing Wholehearted Teaching Practice Courage, Connection, and Self-Care Be an Active Listener Encourage Student Leadership Students as Researchers Service Learning Increase Opportunities for Play and Laughter Leverage Community Expertise Schedule Peer-Group Meetings Integrate Self-Care Into Your Classroom Environment Make Storytelling Part of Your School Community Honor Nuance Continued Support During the College Transition A Message for Educators Chapter 8: Coming Home Healing Keeping My Office Door Open Humanizing Exiting The Expansive Properties of Home References Methodology Appendix About the Author


    Kathryn Fishman-Weaver, Ph.D., serves as the Director of Academic Affairs for Mizzou K-12. As the principal of the global middle and high school programs, she works with students and teachers around the world. Prior to the principalship, Dr. Fishman-Weaver taught in public schools in Oakland, CA, and Columbia, MO. She has taught special education, gifted education, English language arts, and teacher preparation. Dr. Fishman-Weaver writes and presents frequently on student support, teacher leadership, and gender and education. She loves the written word, a good nap, and impromptu family dance parties in her kitchen. You can follow her work on educational leadership at http://wholeheartedschoolleadership.com.

    Fishman-Weaver's feminist participatory action research (PAR) with gifted young women gives voice and context to the emotional stressors they identify, and suggests a framework for incorporating school-based interventions that derive from the women's lived experiences. Her account is highly engaging and provides an accessible tool for educators and students.,Shoshana D. Kerewksy,Teachers College Record, 5/24/19
    This book is more than just a guidebook. It is multiple stories of self-exploration artfully connected to give the reader ideas for helping others while also promoting self-reflection. It connects with the topics and issues in just about every book on gifted education out there and would be an exceptional tool to add to your collection.,L. Kathleen Casper,Advanced Development Journal, 10/1/20
    With detailed journal entries from each of the participants—as well as Dr. Fishman-Weaver—readers get insight into the lives of these gifted young women. This book makes an excellent study for educators to reflect on how they are supporting students who often get overlooked because they appear to have everything together. ,Molly Dettmann,Voice of Youth Advocates, 1/1/21