1st Edition

Who's Who in the Roman World

By John Hazel Copyright 2001
    384 Pages
    by Routledge

    384 Pages
    by Routledge

    Who's Who in the Roman World is a wide-ranging biographical survey of one of the greatest civilizations in history. Covering a period from the 5th century BC to AD 364, this is an authoritative and hugely enjoyable guide to an era which continues to fascinate today. The figures included come from all walks of Roman life and include some of history's most famous - not to mention infamous - figures as well as hitherto little-known, but no less fascinating, characters. These include :
    * the notorious emperors - Caligula; Nero; Elagabalus; Commodus
    * the great poets, philosophers and historians - Virgil; Tacitus; Seneca; Ovid
    * the brilliant politicians and soldiers - Hannibal; Scipio; Caesar; Mark Antony; Constantine
    * noteworthy citizens - Acte, mistress of Nero; Catiline, the revolutionary; Spartacus, champion of the slaves; Gaius Verres, the corrupt governor of Sicily.
    The inclusion of cross-referencing, a glossary of terms, select bibliographies, maps, genealogies and an author's preface complete what is at once a superb reference resource and an enormously entertaining read.

    Chapter 1 A; Chapter 2 B; Chapter 3 C; Chapter 4 D; Chapter 5 E; Chapter 6 F; Chapter 7 G; Chapter 8 H; Chapter 9 I; Chapter 10 J; Chapter 11 L; Chapter 12 M; Chapter 13 N; Chapter 14 O; Chapter 15 P; Chapter 16 Q; Chapter 17 R; Chapter 18 S; Chapter 19 T; Chapter 20 U; Chapter 21 V; Chapter 22 X; Chapter 23 Z;


    John Hazel

    'Even the briefest of initial glances at this work encourages one to go out and get the other two volumes immediately, just to have the full set. The layout is very clear, the information chosen is both enlightening and succinct.' - Eoin Patterson, JACT Review