1st Edition

Why Simple Wins Toolkit

By Lisa Bodell Copyright 2016
    86 Pages
    by Routledge

    by Routledge

    As a tactical ancillary to the book Why Simple Wins, this toolkit is designed with 13 tools to enable leaders and teams to move beyond the cycle of busywork and toward a culture where valuable, essential work is the norm. By learning how to eliminate redundancies, communicate with clarity, and make simplification a habit, we can recognize which activities are time-sucks and which create lasting value. Eliminating low-value work translates into individuals who feel less overwhelmed, more empowered, and able to spend each day doing things that matter.

    The Why Simple Wins Toolkit includes the following 13 tools, techniques, and tips to help you do more valuable work every day:

    —Leadership Complexity Quiz
    —Complexity Diagnostic
    —Simplicity Vision Statement
    —Leadership Task Log
    —50 Questions for Simplifying
    —Simplification Worksheet
    —Killing Complexity
    —Kill a Stupid Rule
    —Simplification Tactics
    —Simplification Metrics
    —Simplification Code of Conduct
    —Interview Questions for Hiring Simplifiers
    —Simplification Resources




    Chapter 1 The New Loyalty Paradigm

    Chapter 2 The Evolution of Loyalty: From Company to Self to Both

    Chapter 3 Personal and Talent Brands at Work

    Chapter 4 Creating a Culture of Return Creates a Culture to Stay For

    Chapter 5 When Millennials Thrive, So Do Gen Xers and Boomers

    Chapter 6 Being a Good Place to Be From

    Chapter 7 Leaving So You Can Come Back

    Chapter 8 Boomeranging in Practice

    Chapter 9 Creating Your Own Alumni Club: A Blueprint


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