1st Edition

Why We Evaluate
Functions of Attitudes

ISBN 9781138002944
Published June 8, 2015 by Psychology Press

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Book Description

As the first book to examine the psychological motivations underlying people's attitudes, as well as why people form attitudes, this volume presents empirical research describing theoretical perspectives and practical applications. The editors assembled the leaders in the field to examine the topics of attitude function persuasion, individual-differences approaches, and the role of motivation within a variety of psychological disciplines, including social, personality, consumer, and environmental.

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. R.H. Fazio, Accessible Attitudes as Tools for Object Appraisal: Their Costs and Benefits. S. Shavitt, M.R. Nelson, The Social-Identity Function in Person Perception: Communicated Meanings of Product Preferences. E.P. Thompson, A.W. Kruglanski, S. Spiegel, Attitudes as Knowledge Structures and Persuasion as a Specific Case of Subjective Knowledge Acquisition. H. Lavine, M. Snyder, Cognitive Processes and the Functional Matching Effect in Persuasion: Studies of Personality and Political Behavior. R.E. Petty, S.C. Wheeler, G.Y. Bizer, Attitude Functions and Persuasion: An Elaboration Likelihood Approach to Matched Versus Mismatched Messages. K.D. Levin, D.R. Nichols, B.T. Johnson, Involvement and Persuasion: Attitude Functions for the Motivated Processor. K.G. DeBono, Attitude Functions and Consumer Psychology: Understanding Perceptions of Product Quality. D.A. Prentice, K.M. Carlsmith, Opinions and Personality: On the Psychological Functions of Attitudes and Other Valued Possessions. G.R. Maio, J.M. Olson, What Is a "Value-Expressive" Attitude? K.L. Marsh, D.L. Julka, A Motivational Approach to Experimental Tests of Attitude Functions Theory. G.D. Reeder, J.B. Pryor, Attitudes Toward Persons With HIV/AIDS: Linking a Functional Approach With Underlying Process. G.M. Herek, The Social Construction of Attitudes: Functional Consensus and Divergence in the U.S. Public's Reactions to AIDS. M. Snyder, E.G. Clary, A.A. Stukas, The Functional Approach to Volunteerism. R. Ennis, M.P. Zanna, Attitude Function and the Automobile. G.R. Maio, J.M. Olson, Emerging Themes and Potential Approaches to Attitude Function: The Function-Structure Model of Attitudes.

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