2nd Edition

Wildlife Issues in a Changing World

By James Sanderson, Michael Moulton Copyright 1999
    520 Pages
    by CRC Press

    520 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Students of conservation encounter some of the most complex issues on our planet. The resolution of existing problems become more complex when humans create further stresses on the natural balance. Moulton and Sanderson brought the challenging issues in wildlife conservation into greater clarity in Wildlife Issues in a Changing World.
    The Second Edition of this definitive reference focuses more closely on the causes of wildlife issues. The examination of Jared Diamond's "Evil Quartet" (the four principal causes of extinction) provides a framework for categorizing and resolving these issues. The authors encourage the use of the scientific method basis for resolution - especially where environmental laws have failed.
    The three new chapters provide further counterpoints to preconceived notions. A two-part history of wildlife in the U.S. shows how wildlife had already been decimated by the year 1900. "Can Humans Manage Wildlife?" questions efforts to revive endangered species, acts which may inadvertently jeopardize the survival of other life.
    Viewing the natural order from prehistoric times to the present, Wildlife Issues in a Changing World, Second Edition gives students and instructors an all-encompassing introduction to past relations between humans and nature; explorations of current threats to species and their habitats; and recent "novel solutions," where humanity and industry have made adjustments to protect the natural order. Professionals will also find invaluable reminders of the importance of their work - the continuation and endurance of wildlife everywhere on Earth.

    Wildlife Laws
    Examples of Wildlife Issues
    What is Wildlife?
    Genetic Diversity
    Origin and Distribution of Biodiversity
    The Evil Quartet
    Evil Quartet 1: Overexploitation
    Evil Quartet 2: Habitat Fragmentation and Destruction
    Evil Quartet 3: Introduced Species
    Evil Quartet 4: Chains of Extinctions
    Harvesting of Wildlife
    Remembering History: The Eastern U.S. Experience-
    A History of Wildlife Issues in Florida, New Jersey, Maine and Pennsylvania
    From Exploitation to Reintroduction: Wildlife in the Western U.S.-California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico
    Global Perspectives of Wildlife Issues
    Oceanic International Issues
    An In-Depth Study of Irian Jaya
    An In-Depth Case Study of Gorillas
    Can Humans Manage Wildlife?
    Novel Solutions


    James Sanderson, Michael Moulton