1st Edition

William Cobbett: Selected Writings Vol 2

By Leonora Nattrass, James Epstein Copyright 1999

    William Cobbett (1763-1835) was a prolific writer, best known as the anti-Radical founder of Cobbett's "Political Register" which ran from 1802-35. This collection of his writings presents the texts fully reset and annotated with biographical and analytical introductions.

    Volume 2: Introduction, Prospectus of a New Daily Paper to be entitled The Porcupine (1800), A Series of Letters to the Right Honourable Lord Hawkesbury, &c. &c. &c. Letter I (1801) Letter II (1801) Letter III (1801) Letter IV (1801), Letter V (1801) Letter VI (1801) Letter VII (1801) Letter VIII (1801) Letter IX (1801) Important Considerations for the People of this Kingdom (1803) To the Rt. Hon, William Pitt, On the Causes of the Decline of Great Britain Letter I (1804) Letter II (1804) Letter III (1804) Perish Commerce! Summary of Politics (1807) Summary of Politics (1807) Contents Summary of Politics (February 1809) Summary of Politics (April 1809) To the Independent People of Hampshire Letter I (1809) Letter II (1809) Letter III (1809) Letter IV (1809) Summary of Politics (July 1809) Law Report. Court of King’s Bench, Friday June 15. Sittings before Lord Ellenborough and a Special Jury. The King v. William Cobbett (1810) To the Readers of the Register (1810)