1st Edition

William Cobbett: Selected Writings Vol 6

By Leonora Nattrass, James Epstein Copyright 1999

    William Cobbett (1763-1835) was a prolific writer, best known as the anti-Radical founder of Cobbett's "Political Register" which ran from 1802-35. This collection of his writings presents the texts fully reset and annotated with biographical and analytical introductions.

    Volume 6: Introduction 1 Fires in Kent and Sussex. To the Working People of England (1830) A Letter to the King’s Ministers on the way to put a stop to the Fires (1831) To the Labourers of England on their Duties and their Rights (1831) To the Labourers of England. Observations to Labourers, on the subject Of Parliamentary Reform (1831) To the Labourers of England. Instructions to Labourers for raising Cobbett’s Corn (1831) To the Working People of the Whole Kingdom, on the Effects Which A Parliamentary Reform Will Have With Regard to Them (1831) To the Labourers of England, on the Projects for Getting Them Out Of Their Native Country (1831) A full and accurate report of the trial of William Cobbett, Esq. (1831) To the Working People, on the scheme for withholding the Ten-Pound Suffrage in Great Towns (1831) To the Yeomanry Cavalry: On the Fires (1832) To the Electors under the Reform Bill. On the caution which they will now have to exercise, and on the duties which they will have to perform (1832) To the Working People. The Reform Festival, to be held in Hampshire, on 7th July, 1832 (1832) Chopstick Festival. At the Hamlet of Sutton Scotney, in Hampshire (1832) To the Cobbettites on the Elections, and more Particularly Those of Oldham and of Manchester Cobbett’s Legacy to Labourers; What is the Right which The Lords, Baronets, and Squires, have to the Lands of England, Notes