Win the Leadership Game Every Time : Nine Invaluable Laws to Magnify Your Success book cover
1st Edition

Win the Leadership Game Every Time
Nine Invaluable Laws to Magnify Your Success

ISBN 9781032196992
Published July 29, 2022 by Productivity Press
156 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Far away in the jungle of Africa every morning a deer wakes up and decides to run faster than the fastest lion in that jungle. In the same jungle every morning a lion wakes up and decides to run faster than the fattest deer in that jungle. Both the deer and the lion wake up with the aim to win. The deer wants to win to save its life. The lion wants to win to satisfy its hunger. They each have their reason to win. They are in the game for winning. None of them know whether or not they will win, yet they decide each day to win. Are you in the leadership game to win or are you just a player in the game? Do you wake up each morning deciding to win or do you wake up to go to work and simply complete your tasks?

There is a huge difference between going to work to win and going to work to just be in the game. It is this difference that decides where each of us is on the growth ladder and where we will be. Those who are here to just be in the game are very concerned about their paycheck and job security. They fear taking risks and are overly cautious. These people view the game as an "I win, you lose" proposition. But those leaders who play to win, do whatever is necessary to move things forward. They’re not reckless, but proactive. They make the call that they fear. They have difficult conversations. They deal with the tricky issues that may put their outcomes at risk if things go south on them. These are the people who wake up each morning with the will to win. They know that winning has nothing to do with power, status quo, position, or playing corporate politics. Winning is purely about being relentless and moving ahead in the game by focusing on your improvement and on the well-being of others. Winning is about having faith in yourself and in your abilities.

Almost 75% of the people in the workforce get stuck at the mid-management level in the organization. These people have the best skills and abilities, yet aren’t able to move the needle significantly. This is because they don’t know what it takes to win and get unstuck.

The purpose of the nine crucial laws described in this book is to guide you to methodologically win the leadership game. There are two ways of winning the game. One, by playing dirty corporate politics, bumping others to reach your goal, thinking solely about your growth, and being selfish. Another and better way is to work on transforming yourself so you improve in the game each day.

The rules of business are changing. The game is evolving with speed. New markets are emerging. A new generation of workforce is entering the game. We have entered into a digitally transformed world. The new leadership game cannot be played with old rules and competencies. Working with some great leaders has shown me how a leader can move with agility, speed and flexibility to revamp the organization when faced with a business crisis. A leaders decisive and bold actions and their rapid and insightful response to crisis demonstrated the value of speed and serenity in setting a new course for their company. What are the new rules and competencies? How do we play and win the leadership game, every time?

Table of Contents

Table of Contents




Introduction:  The Rules of The Game

Be Relentless

Accept the Brutal Truth No One Tells You

Race Against Time

Play to Win the Ultimate Gamble on Yourself

Get Out of the Pack



The 9 Laws to Winning the Leadership Game

 Law of  Gap

 Law of Mastery

Law of Authenticity

Law of Circle

Law of Problems

Law of Transference 

Law of Mirror

Law of Visibility


Law of Energy



The Winner Takes It All

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Recognized by the TIMES Group and global media as the most influential leadership speaker and executive coach, Payal Nanjiani is an Indian-American globally acclaimed leadership expert, executive coach, and author. With a mission to humanize leadership, Payal has popularized the concept of Success Within Leadership with the primary focus on leaders making sustainable changes in their thinking, behaviors, and actions.For almost 21 years, Payal has been a highly sought-after leadership speaker and executive coach for Fortune 500 companies. Her talks ,training and coaching have proven to help people get to their next level, and achieve extraordinary levels of success for themselves and the organization.

She launched The Payal Nanjiani Leadership Podcast to help people believe in their innate quality to lead and succeed. The podcast, which has been rated in the top 10% globally, features some of the most prominent leaders, spiritual gurus, and CEOs in the world. A New York award-winning author, Payal’s books help you be a peak performer and reach your next level.

Payal lives with her philosophy - 'Leadership starts and ends with YOU.’™ and believes that you can achieve success in any economy.

Official Website:


I was lucky to have worked with Payal and to know her as an individual. Her sharp intellect, unique understanding of contemporary issues, simple solutions to complex problems and readiness to extend a helping hand endeared her to everyone in her network. Much later, when I saw her last two books I could not help turning into an admirer. Her worldview and understanding of environments are so different and original. She writes in a simplistic style that is at once friendly and affable. Her earthly logic and illustrative examples are easily understood as they stem from daily life and commonsense. She comes across as an advisor who is effortlessly unpretentious, nonjudgmental and empathetic. I am impressed with her passion to make all her readers succeed in their chosen fields.

  • Dr. Arun Arora, Chairman, Edvance & Former President, Bennett, Coleman & Company Ltd.


Th e first step toward world- class leadership entails learning to lead one’s own self. It is a journey of immense courage and magnanimous change. In this book, Payal has integrated the research on leadership development through a multitude of her own coaching experiences across the globe. Th e result is presented through powerful actionable insights to realize your full potential and also inspire your colleagues and teams for peak performance along the way. Her leadership stories explicitly translate specific behaviors and attributes that can be measured on the pathway to change. Each of these 9 laws will prove to be a valuable guide and springboard for pursuing your hopes, aspirations, dreams, and purpose.

  • World Renowned Spiritual Guru Swami Mukundananda, JKYOG


Playing the game, or playing to win? Th e exceptional leaders around us share one key common trait— they are not satisfied with good, they always strive for great. They don’t just play the game well; they change the game. And in the process, they create movements for impact. In her book, Payal Nanjiani shares some tried and tested rules of impactful leadership. A much- needed, fresh perspective for all leaders as we lead the way into the new world.

  • Paul Dupuis, Chairman and CEO— Randstad Japan, & Author of The E5 Movement


Payal Nanjiani’s new book is both, timely and topical. As we navigate an increasingly ambiguous and uncertain world, the need for leaders in every sphere has never been higher. Further, the framework of leadership itself is changing at an unprecedented pace. Her perspectives on how you win the leadership game in a rapidly evolving ecosystem are refreshingly simple, candid, and laid out in an easy-to-understand and adopt the format. By contextualizing the leadership journey as a game, Payal delivers an authentic take on leadership and how through practice, both existing and new leaders can get more adept at this. Th is book will be an important and welcome addition to the leadership literature and is a must- read.

  • Animesh Kumar, President— HR and Transformation, ZEE


Congratulations, Payal! Once again, you have a unique and insightful approach to leadership that people from all backgrounds need to hear. Leadership as a game is fascinating and particularly relevant right now— it has changed in a big way over the past few years. Th e reign of tough, superhero leaders is over, the dawn of vulnerable, sensitive servants is well and truly here. Your constant success is an inspiration to so many others around the world. Thank you for all the opportunities you have extended to me, and I’m excited at what else your future can possibly hold! Here’s to even more impact and happiness.

  • Josef Werker Co- founder and CEO of Humble Sustainability, Managing Director of Penbrother


Have you ever felt overwhelmed in looking at the gap between where you are in your career and where you want to be? Most good leaders have been there too. One thing you can count on is that in order to win at the game of leadership, you must begin playing the game. Payal Nanjiani has a proven nine laws in her newest book, Win the Leadership Game Every Time, that shows everyone has a path to greatness that is defined within themselves. Join her on a journey to control exactly how you can respond to filling that gap!

  • Michelle Proctor, Chief of Staff , Risk Research and Quantitative Solutions Division at SAS