1st Edition

Wind Power for the World International Reviews and Developments

Edited By Preben Maegaard, Anna Krenz, Wolfgang Palz Copyright 2013
    730 Pages 30 Color & 273 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    In part 2 of Wind Power for the World, the editors have collected reports and overviews of wind power status and history in various countries, several written by individuals who have made valuable contributions to the successful emergence of wind power. The chapters cover the uphill struggle; wind energy strategies and policies that paved the way; and the creative persons in politics, agencies, institutes, and the industry. It also examines the world societies at large and how solutions to the challenges were found in different countries.

    Introduction, Preben Maegaard

    Accelerated Global Expansion of the Renewable Energy Sector: the Example of Wind Energy, Preben Maegaard

    Wind Power Development in the European Union, Wolfgang Palz

    Wind Energy to the rescue of mankind from the menace of the Fossil Fuel burning hazards, Anil Kane

    Black or Green Wind Power, Frede Hvelplund

    Wind Energy Development in China, He Dexin

    Non-grid-connected Wind Power and Offshore "Three Georges of Wind Power" in China, Gu Weidong

    Wind Power in Japan: Past, Present, and Future Prospect, Izumi Ushiyama

    Wind Power Development in India, Jami Hossain

    Challenges and Opportunities for Energy Paradigm Shifting in Ontario, Canada, Jose Etcheverry

    Wind Power in Cuba’s Energy Revolution, Conrado Moreno Figueredo

    Wind Power in Argentina, Erico Spinadel

    The Emergence of Wind Power in Brazil, Everaldo Feitosa

    Wind Energy in Chile, Arturo Kunstmann

    Wind Power in Austria, Wolfgang Hein

    The History of Wind Power in France, Jean-Louis Bal

    History, State-of-the Art and Future of Wind Energy in France, Marc Jedliczka

    The German Law on Renewable Energies and the Development of Wind Power, Hans-Josef Fell

    The Beginning of a New Era in Wind Power Generation, John Chadjivassiliadis

    Polish Wind Power – Wind of Change?, Krzysztof Prasałek

    The Development of the Wind Power Industry in Russia, Victor V. Elistratov

    Wind Power Sector Development in the Russian Federation and Other Countries of the Commonwealth of the Independent States (CIS), Alina Prokopenko

    Wind Energy in Spain, Josep Puig

    The Sleeping Giant. Sweden’s Wind Energy Utilisation - a Short Overview, Arne Jaeger

    Ukraine: "Licensed" Way To Develop Wind Industry, Andrei Konechenkov and Galyna Shmidt

    Emerging Wind Energy Sector in Turkey, Tanay Sidki Uyar

    Wind Over Egypt, Dr. Galal Osman

    Morocco: The Emergence of a Wind Power Country, Khalid Benhamou

    Towards Public Ownership and Popular Acceptance of Renewable Energy for the Common Good, Preben Maegaard

    Something about local energy, Stefan Gsanger

    The Foundation of WWEA, Preben Maegaard

    The Role of Wind Energy in the SolarSuperState Concept, Stephen Volkwein

    Epilogue, Volker Thomsen


    Preben Maegaard is a Danish renewable energy pioneer, author and expert.

    Anna Krenz is an artist, architect, and editor.

    Wolfgang Palz is chairman of the World Council for Renewable Energy.