1st Edition

Windows into the Medieval Mediterranean

Edited By Jeanette Fregulia Copyright 2025
    248 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    248 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge


    This book reveals the medieval Mediterranean region as a richly nuanced space of places and peoples connected by a body of water, but far from unified – and seeks to challenge what we think we know about the medieval Mediterranean, and the world it influenced.


    Reflective of the diversity of the Mediterranean region, the contributors are an international body of scholars that bring together topics that are seemingly disparate but are in fact in a vibrant conversation with one another. The volume seeks to shed new light and perspectives on familiar topics. Each chapter begins with secondary commentary for context, and is followed by primary sources comprised of images and texts that invite careful reading, lively discussion, and possibilities for deeper research. Topics that are discussed include: Archaeology and Architecture, Stories of Travel and Encounter, Literature and Poetry, Matters of Faith, Crusades, Monarchies and Conflict, Ties that Bind and Around the Mediterranean World.


    Windows into the Medieval Mediterranean is simultaneously a scholarly and reader-friendly book intended to engage undergraduate and graduate students, scholars, and anyone interested in the Mediterranean of the Middles Ages.

    Part 1: Archaeology and Architecture

    1.Cross-Cultural Encounters on Byzantine Islands (ca.600-ca.900): an Archaeological Perspective                 Zavagno, Luca


    Part 2: Stories of Travel and Encounter

    2. Cultural Interconnectedness Between China, and the Mediterranean in the Middle Ages                                Broilo, Federica A.


    3. Between the sands of the Sahara and the waves of the Mediterranean: the fleet as a model of political and economic expansion of the Almoravid Empire (1115-1147)

    Lourinho, Inês                                                                                                                                     


    Part 3: Literature and Poetry

    4. A Collection of Indian Fables Across Medieval Mediterranean Cultures           

    Carretero-Martínez, Gonzalo                          


    5. The Depiction of Morals and Virtues in Renaissance Poetry                                                                                 Wirth, Matthew


    6. Human and Non-human “Others” in Chrétien’s Yvain

    Victoria White                                                                                                     


    Part 4: Matters of Faith

    7. Discord and Concord on the Basis of Faith between the East Syriac and Byzantine Churches in the Early Medieval Mediterranean World                                                                                                         

    Popa, Catalin-Stefan


    8. Traveling Hagiography: The Exchange of Saints' Lives across the Medieval Mediterranean        

    Politano, Cristina              


    Part 5: Crusades


    9. The Crusader States in the Foreign Policy of the First Mamluks        

    Filipau, Aliaksandr                                                        


    10. “God Wills It”: Pope Urban II, the Anti-Pope Clement III, and the Reasons for the First Crusade

    Woodson, Hue               


    Part 6: Monarchies and Conflict

    11. “’May God Destroy the Spanish,’ North African 16th century Ottomanophilia through Mapmaking”

    Kahlaoui, Tarek                  


    12. The Nasrid Sultanate of Granada, and the Frontier (Twelfth to Fifteenth Centuries)     

    Diego Carrasco-Melo                       


    13. A Crown for Queen Isabella: Symbols, Contested Authority, and Royal Intervention in Early Modern Granada

    Morera, Luis X


    Part 7: Ties that Bind


    14. The Macedonian Dynasty: Internal Turbulence and Its Impact on Arab-Byzantine Relations in the mid-3rd/9th Century/The Macedonian Dynasty: Marriage and Politics in the Third/Ninth Century       

    Panagiotou, Stavros                                                          


    15. A Woman's Affair: Dowries in Genoese Chios in the Late Middle Ages                          

    Ravera, Chiara


    16. Byzantines and Brides: Negotiating Romanness and Kinship across Frontiers

    Magnolia, Alex                                   


    Part 8: Around the Mediterranean World


    17. Disease in the Medieval Mediterranean                                                                                  

    Thacker, Brenda


    18. Between Baghdad and The Mediterranean            

    PreJean, Chris                                                                                                    


    19. Nomads in the Medieval Mediterranean                                                                                                 

    Freeman, Margaret H


    20. Unwilling Migrants: Slave Trade between the Balkan Peninsula and the Mediterranean between 1280 and 1350

    Stojkovski , Boris


    21. Piracy in the Medieval Mediterranean    

    Parker, Matthew


    22. Conclusion - An Ending and Maybe a Beginning  


    Jeanette M. Fregulia, Ph.D. is Associate Professor and Chair, Department of History, Carroll College, Helena, Montana. Her research interests include merchants and trade in the pre-modern Mediterranean. Her most recent publication is A Rich and Tantalizing Brew, a History of How Coffee Connected the World (2019)