1st Edition

Wireless Communication-the fundamental and advanced concepts

By Sanjay Kumar Copyright 2015
    790 Pages
    by River Publishers

    Wireless communication is one of the fastest growing fields in the engineering world today. Rapid growth in the domain of wireless communication systems, services and application has drastically changed the way we live, work and communicate. Wireless communication offers a broad and dynamic technological field, which has stimulated incredible excitements and technological advancements over last few decades. The expectations from wireless communication technology are increasing every day. This is placing enormous challenges to wireless system designers. Moreover, this has created an ever increasing demand for conceptually strong and well versed communication engineers who understand the wireless technology and its future possibilities. In recent years, significant progress in wireless communication system design has taken place, which will continue in future. Especially for last two decades, the research contributions in wireless communication system design have resulted in several new concepts and inventions at remarkable speed. A text book is indeed required to offer familiarity with such developments and underlying concepts, to be taught in the classroom to future engineers. This is one of the motivations for writing this book. Practically no book can be up to date in this field, due to the fast ongoing research and developments. The new developments are announced almost every day. Teaching directly from the research papers in the classroom cannot build the necessary foundation. Therefore need for a textbook is unavoidable, which is integral to learning, and is an essential source to build the concept. The prime goal of this book is to cooperate in the learning process.

    Wireless Communication-the fundamental and advanced concepts


    Sanjay Kumar