Wireless Technologies : Circuits, Systems, and Devices book cover
1st Edition

Wireless Technologies
Circuits, Systems, and Devices

Edited By

Krzysztof Iniewski

ISBN 9780849379963
Published October 11, 2007 by CRC Press
696 Pages 530 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Advanced concepts for wireless technologies present a vision of technology that is embedded in our surroundings and practically invisible. From established radio techniques like GSM, 802.11 or Bluetooth to more emerging technologies, such as Ultra Wide Band and smart dust motes, a common denominator for future progress is the underlying integrated circuit technology. Wireless Technologies responds to the explosive growth of standard cellular radios and radically different wireless applications by presenting new architectural and circuit solutions engineers can use to solve modern design problems.

This reference addresses state-of-the art CMOS design in the context of emerging wireless applications, including 3G/4G cellular telephony, wireless sensor networks, and wireless medical application. Written by top international experts specializing in both the IC industry and academia, this carefully edited work uncovers new design opportunities in body area networks, medical implants, satellite communications, automobile radar detection, and wearable electronics.

The book is divided into three sections: wireless system perspectives, chip architecture and implementation issues, and devices and technologies used to fabricate wireless integrated circuits. Contributors address key issues in the development of future silicon-based systems, such as scale of integration, ultra-low power dissipation, and the integration of heterogeneous circuit design style and processes onto one substrate.

Wireless sensor network systems are now being applied in critical applications in commerce, healthcare, and security. This reference, which contains 25 practical and scientifically rigorous articles, provides the knowledge communications engineers need to design innovative methodologies at the circuit and system level.

Table of Contents


RF Building Blocks for the Next-Gen Wireless Systems
A. Niknejad

Insights into CMOS Wireless Receivers toward a Universal Mobile Radio
M. Brandolini, P. Rossi, D. Manstretta, and F. Svelto

Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Technology
D. M. W. Leenaerts

Design Considerations for Integrated MIMO Radio Transceivers
Y.Palaskas, A. Ravi, S. Pellerano, and S. Sandhu

Cognitive Radio Spectrum-Sharing Technology
D. Cabric and R. W. Brodersen

Short-Distance Wireless and Its Opportunities
J.M. Rabaey, Y. H. Chee, D. Chen, L. Nardis, S. Gambini,
D. Guermandi, M. Mark, and N. Pletcher

Ultra-Low-Power RF Transceivers
E. Lopelli, J. D. van der Tang, and A. H. M. van Roermund

Human++: Emerging Technology for Body Area Networks
B.Gyselinckx, R. Borzi, and P. Mattelaer

Progress toward a Single-Chip Radio
K. K. O, P. Gorday, J. J. Lin, C. Cao, Y. Su, Z. Li, J. Mehta,
J. E. Brewer, and S.-H. Hwang


Digital RF Processor (DRP™)
R. B. Staszewski

Low Noise Amplifiers
L. Belostotski and J. Haslett

Design of Silicon Integrated Circuit W-Band Low-Noise Amplifiers
S. T. Nicolson, K. W. Tang, T. O. Dickson, P. Chevalier,
B. Sautreuil, and S. P. Voinigescu

Power Amplifier Principles and Modern Design Techniques
V. Prodanov and M.Banu

Phase-Locked Loop-Based Integer-N RF Synthesizer
V. Choudhary and K. Iniewski

Frequency Synthesis for Multiband Wireless Networks
J. W. M. Rogers, F. F. Dai, and C. Plett

Design of a Delta-Sigma Synthesizer for a Bluetooth Transmitter
J.-W. Eikenbroek

Parametric Converters
S. Magierowski, H. Chan, K. Iniewski, and T. Zourntos


CMOS Technology for Wireless Applications
J.J. Pekarik

Distributed Effects and Coupling in RF Integrated Circuits
C. Plett

Substrate Noise Coupling from Digital to Analog Circuits in Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits
P.Wambacq, C. Soens, G. Van der Plas,
M. Badaroglu, and S. Donnay

Microelectromechanical Resonators for RF Applications
F. Nabki, T.A. Dusatko, and M. N. El-Gamal

Membrane-Supported Millimeter-Wave Circuit Based on Silicon and Gas Micromachining
A. Müller, D. Neculoiu, G. Konstantinidis, and R. Plana

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