1st Edition

Witch Hunting and Witch Trials (RLE Witchcraft) The Indictments for Witchcraft from the Records of the 1373 Assizes Held from the Home Court 1559-1736 AD

By C L'Estrange Ewen Copyright 1971
    386 Pages
    by Routledge

    376 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1929, the author presents a formidable collection of facts, brought together in a scholarly manner. This is an examination of the general history of witchcraft, its changing laws and legal procedures, as well as methods of interrogation and punishment. This book must be considered an essential reference work for every student of witch lore.

    Ancient Laws against Witchcraft, Chaucer and Wycliffe, Growth of Witchcraft, Archbishop Cranmer, Elizabeth’s Injunctions, Ecclesiastical Cases, Acts of Parliament, Definition of Terms, Punishments for Witchcraft – England, Punishments for Witchcraft – Scotland, Punishments for Witchcraft – Ireland, Condition of Gaols, Further Punishments, Military Action, Ration of Death Sentences to Arraignments, Reprieves, Lesser Punishments, Suspicion, Pardons, Escapes, Accusations in Upper Circles, The Last Executions in England, Repeal of the Statute, The Courts and Jurisdiction, The Commission of Gaol Delivery 1652, A Writ of Summons 1653, The Circuits, Venues of the Assizes, The Judges, Procedure, Bail, An information 1647 An Examination 1647, A Warrant 1701, Recognizance of a Suspected Witch 1578, Recognizance of a Witness 1578, An Order for Remand 2656, Witnesses, Confessions, Coroners’ Inquests, The Discovery of Witches , Torture and Ill-treatment, Professional Witch Finders, Judge’s Direction to the Jury, Records of Assizes, Home Circuit Documents, Presentments and Indictments , Endorsements and Annotations, Key to Contracted Words, Gaol Calendars, Gaol Delivery Roles, Ratio of Persons Hanged to Persons Indicted, Statistical Table, Rise and Decline of Witchcraft Prosecutions, List of Convicted Witches, Conditions in Other Circuits, Estimate of Total Executions, Comparison of Witchcraft Belief and Modern Superstition, 790 Abstracts of Bills of Indictments, Appendices, Index


    C L'Estrange Ewen