1st Edition

Wittgenstein To Follow a Rule

Edited By Steven Holtzman, Christopher Leich Copyright 1981
    268 Pages
    by Routledge

    272 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 2005. The essays and replies in this volume represent, with some modifications, the proceedings of a colloquium held in Oxford in Trinity Term, 1979. With occasional exceptions, critical response to the Philosophical Investigations following publication focused on a limited range of topics - an unsystematic book was discussed in an unsystematic fashion. This book employs a different approach, one that interprets disconnected discussions of Wittgenstein's as united by a single underlying set of powerful arguments.

    Introductory essay: Communal agreement and objectivity, Christopher M. Leich and Steven H. Holtzman

    PART ONE: Following a rule: the basic themes

    1. Following Wittgenstein: Some signposts for Philosophical Investigations 143-242, Gordon Baker

    2. Reply: Rule-Following: the nature of Wittgenstein's arguments, Christopher Peacocke

    PART TWO: following a rule: objectivity and meaning

    3. Rule-Following, objectivity and the theory of meaning, Crispin Wright

    4. Reply: Semantic theory and Tacit knowledge, Gareth Evans

    PART THREE: following a rule and ethics

    5. Non-cognitivism and rule-following, John McDowell

    6. Reply: rule-following and moral realism, Simon Blackburn

    PART FOUR: Following a rule and the social sciences

    7. Understanding and explaination in the Geisteswissenschaften, Charles Taylor

    8. Reply: Evaluative 'realism' and interpretation, Philip pettit


    Steven H. Holtzman (ed.) is a Graduate Student at Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Christopher M. Leich (ed.) is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University