1st Edition

Women, Families, and Feminist Politics A Global Exploration

By J Dianne Garner, Suzanne Cherrin Copyright 1999
    268 Pages
    by Routledge

    268 Pages
    by Routledge

    Women and their roles within families must be understood within the context of ethnic traditions, religion, and culture. Women, Families, and Feminist Politics: A Global Exploration combines all of these aspects to evaluate the similarities and differences of women around the world. Readers will learn about diverse theories relating to women and their familial roles, the different categories of feminism, and how cultures and ethnic traditions shape and sometimes restrict a woman’s identity.

    Using feminist and sociocultural theories to critically examine the role of adult women within their families, Women, Families, and Feminist Politics offers ideas and suggestions on what has to be done in order for all of women’s experiences and concerns to be valued and looked upon as important. In addition to providing you with an understanding of how customs and cultures contribute to societal standards set for women, Women, Families, and Feminist Politics discusses several factors that contribute to the formation of women’s roles and identity, including:

    • the economic situation of the family and the country in which the woman lives (a developed or developing country)
    • cultural diversity in monogamous heterosexual marriage relations and specific marriage traditions, such as dowries
    • family structures, such as nonnuclear, extended, polygamous, mixed religion relationships, mixed race relationships, or same-sex relationships
    • reproduction and sexual standards in relation to religion, government policies, and world population
    • gender equity in the workplace and programs for women in global development
    • the health care needs of women and how they vary depending on culture, political philosophies, and resources
    • women and violence in societal and family contexts, from war rapes, female circumcision, and footbinding to battery and sexual harassment

      Women, Families, and Feminist Politics looks at the daily challenges and concerns of adult women within the context of family to help you understand the different needs of women in relation to their culture and ethnic background. Focusing on the importance of views concerning the meaning of women’s social status, power, and success, Women, Families, and Feminist Politics contains case studies and statistical data that identify critical issues pertaining to you personally and to all women throughout the world. By understanding how women’s families help shape their identities, you will be able to learn about the vast experiences of women and the inequalities we have yet to overcome.

    Contents About the Authors
    • Introduction
    • Marriage and Family Formation
    • Diversity Within Family Formation
    • Population, Reproduction, Sexuality, and Women’s Status
    • Women and Work Worldwide
    • Women and Health Care
    • Women and Violence
    • Conclusions
    • Notes
    • Glossary
    • Bibliography
    • Index


    J Dianne Garner, Suzanne Cherrin