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Women In American Politics

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Women in American Politics is designed to showcase a wide array of topics dealing with various aspects of women’s involvement in the American political process. Edited by Karen O’Connor, director of American University’s Women & Politics Institute, the series includes work by eminent political scientists, journalists, and those with actual involvement in the political process.

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Madam President, Revised Edition Women Blazing the Leadership Trail

Madam President, Revised Edition: Women Blazing the Leadership Trail

1st Edition

By Eleanor Clift, Tom Brazaitis
May 06, 2016

The first Madam President will be sworn in sooner than most people think. But the gender gap in politics is still shockingly broad, say two of America's most readable political commentators in this timely look at the nation's sputtering efforts to envision a woman in America's top job.(The Boston ...

Breaking the Political Glass Ceiling Women and Congressional Elections

Breaking the Political Glass Ceiling: Women and Congressional Elections

2nd Edition

By Barbara Palmer, Dennis Simon
January 29, 2008

Why has the integration of women into Congress been so slow? Is there a "political glass ceiling" for women? Although women use the same strategic calculations as men to decide when to run, the decision regarding where to run is something else. While redistricting has increasingly protected ...

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