2nd Edition

Women, Knowledge, and Reality Explorations in Feminist Philosophy

Edited By Ann Garry, Marilyn Pearsall Copyright 1996
    512 Pages
    by Routledge

    448 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This second edition of Women, Knowledge, and Reality continues to exhibit the ways in which feminist philosophers enrich and challenge philosophy. Essays by twenty-five feminist philosophers, seventeen of them new to the second edition, address fundamental issues in philosophical and feminist methods, metaphysics, epistemology, and the philosophies of science, language, religion and mind/body. This second edition expands the perspectives of women of color, of postmodernism and French feminism, and focuses on the most recent controversies in feminist theory and philosophy.

    The chapters are organized by traditional fields of philosophy, and include introductions which contrast the ideas of feminist thinkers with traditional philosophers. The collected essays illustrate both the depth and breadth of feminist critiques and the range of contemporary feminist theoretical perspectives.

    1. Methods - Janice Moulton - A Paradigm of Philosophy: The Adversary Method; Naomi Scheman - The Unavoidability of Gender; Marilyn Frye - The Possibility of Feminist Theory; bell hooks - Choosing the Margin as a Space of Radical Openness; 2. Metaphysics - Julie Kristeva - Women's Time; Sally Haslanger - Objective Reality, Male Reality and Social Construction; Ann Ferguson - Can I Choose Who I am? And How would that Empower Me? Gender, Race, Identities and the Self; Lourdes Torres - The Construction of the Self in U.S. Latina Autobiographies; 3. Theory of Knowledge - Genevieve Lloyd - The Man of Reason; Alison M. Jaggar - Love and Knowledge: Emotion in Feminist Epistemology; Lorraine Code - Taking Subjectivity into Account; Patricia Hill Collins - The Social Construction of Black Feminist Thought; 4. Philosophy of Science - Helen Longino - Can There be a Feminist Science?; Vandana Shiva - Science Nature and Gender; Lynn Hankinson Nelson - Who Knows? What Can They Know? And When?; Sandra Harding - Feminism, Science, and the Anti- Enlightenment Critiques; 5. Philosophy of Language - Andrea Nye - The Voice of the Serpent - French Feminism and Philosophy of Language; Carole Boyce Davies - Other Tongues: Gender, Language, Sexuality and the Politics of Location; Alessandra Tanesini - Whose Language; 6. Philosophy of Mind/Body - Judith Butler - Imitation and Gender Insubordination; Maria Lugones - Playfulness, World-Traveling, and Loving Perception; Susan Bordo - Anorexia Nervosa: Psychopathology as the Crystallization of Culture; 7. Philosophy of Religion - Hilde Hein - Liberating Philosophy: An End to the Dichotomy of Spirit and Matter; Toinette Eugene - While Love is Unfashionable: Ethical Implications of Black Spirituality and Sexuality; Luce Irigaray - Divine Women.


    Ann Garry is Professor of Philosophy and Department Chair at California State University, Los Angeles. She is an associate editor of Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy. Marilyn Pearsall has taught at universities throughout the U.S., most recently at the University of Puget Sound. She is the editor of Women and Values 2E and the forthcoming Feminist Interpretations of Nietzsche.

    "With a new introduction and important new contributions, this new edition of Women, Knowledge and Reality synthesizes a better representation of work from continental philosophy and newer work from analytic philosophy for a comprehensive overview of contemporary feminist philosophy." -- Linda Alcoff, Syracuse University