1st Edition

Women Murdered by the Men They Loved

    187 Pages
    by Routledge

    This important new book presents eye-opening documentation of the often-overlooked problem of domestic violence and murder. Alarming statistics show that in Massachusetts alone a spouse/partner murder occurs every 22 days, and approximately fifty percent of female homicide victims are murdered by their husbands or lovers. Women Murdered by the Men They Loved examines the critical problem of male violence against spouses and partners and society’s tendency to regard domestic violence as an insignificant problem. While the media publicizes only sensational cases, this powerful volume reveals that domestic murder is a worldwide problem affecting people of all educational and economic levels.

    A readable, empowering book, Women Murdered by the Men They Loved assists women, their families, counselors, and medical and social service providers in avoiding and preventing violence in a realistic manner. This book goes beyond the limited literature available and provides tools for professionals to identify male violence, work with victims and potential victims, document evidence, and assist women and care providers in removing women from the “victim” category. Warning signs and predictors of male violence, recognition of controlling behaviors, cycles of violence, and societal factors enabling hidden violence in the home are described in detail in order to help eradicate such violence. Focusing on patterns of domestic violence and negating the belief that the woman’s behavior provokes violence, this valuable book aides professionals strategies to combat domestic violence that can also be used by women, the community, medical care providers, and professionals in the legal system.

    Contents “Whodunit? It Was the Husband”
    • The Root of the Problem
    • “A Man’s Home is His Castle”
    • The Ties That Bind
    • Danger--How To Know?
    • In Harm’s Way
    • “He’s Not All Bad”: The Cycle of Violence
    • “He Lets Me Take Courses”: His Control Her Risk
    • The Dangerous Green-Eyed Monster
    • Will He Change?
    • “You Have To Sleep Sometime”: Do Women Kill Their Mates?
    • Picking a Partner: “A Few Good Men”
    • Bibliography
    • Resources
    • Index


    Ellen Cole, Ester D. Rothblum, Constance Bean