3rd Edition

Women, Music, Culture An Introduction

By Julie C. Dunbar Copyright 2021
    418 Pages
    by Routledge

    418 Pages
    by Routledge

    418 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Women, Music, Culture: An Introduction, Third Edition is the first undergraduate textbook on the history and contributions of women in a variety of musical genres and professions, ideal for students in Music and Gender Studies courses. A compelling narrative, accompanied by 112 guided listening experiences, brings the world of women in music to life. The author employs a wide array of pedagogical aides, including a running glossary and a comprehensive companion website with links to Spotify playlists and supplementary videos for each chapter. The musical work of women throughout history—including that of composers, performers, conductors, technicians, and music industry personnel—is presented using both art music and popular music examples.

    New to this edition:

      • An expansion from 57 to 112 listening examples conveniently available on Spotify.
      • Additional focus on intersectionality in art and popular music.
      • A new segment on Music and #MeToo and increased coverage of protest music.
      • Additional coverage of global music.
      • Substantial updates in popular music.
      • Updated companion website materials designed to engage all learners. Visit the author's website at www.womenmusicculture.com

    Part I Telling Musical Stories: Missing Voices in the Documentation of Musical Traditions

    Chapter 1 Reflections on "Deep Listening": Exploring Music in Context

    Focus on Feminism Defining Feminism: Nineteenth Century Roots and Women’s Suffrage

    Chapter 2 Medieval Liturgical Roots and the Documentation of the Western Canon

    Chapter 3 Women in "World" Music: An Expanded View of Global Narratives


    Part II Restricted Domains: Gender Spheres in Art Music

    Chapter 4 Court Performers of Japan, India, and Europe: Freedom and Restriction

    Chapter 5 The Baroque: Social Class and the Path to Publication

    Chapter 6 Eighteenth Century Classicism: Revisiting Vienna

    Chapter 7 Romantic-Era Performer/Composers: Walking the Public/Private Line

    Focus on Feminism From First Wave to Second Wave


    Part III Visual Images in an Aural World

    Chapter 8 American Popular Music: 1895-1945

    Chapter 9 Empowered Voices in the Public Eye: Women of Gospel and Blues

    Chapter 10 Visual Media and the Marketing of Performers

    Focus on Feminism Third-Wave Feminist Diversity


    Part IV A Time of Change: The Impact of Education on Women’s Art Music Activity

    Chapter 11 Changing Gender Roles: From Nineteenth Century Opera to the Modern Musical

    Focus on Feminism Voice of Authority

    Chapter 12 Segregation and Integration: Instrumental Ensembles from 1900 to the Present

    Focus on Feminism Music and #MeToo

    Chapter 13 Large-Scale Works and Experimental Voices


    Part V No Longer "One of the Boys"

    Chapter 14 Instrumental to Jazz: The Forgotten Role of Women

    Chapter 15 Music Technology in the Hands of Women

    Chapter 16 Popular Music as a Feminist Platform: Women in Charge of Production and Management

    Focus on Feminism Do We Still Need Feminism?


    Julie C. Dunbar is Professor Emerita of Music at Edgewood College, Madison, Wisconsin, where she taught music history, music appreciation, instrumental music education, and served as Faculty Development Coordinator. Her past publications focus on music in sociocultural contexts as well as vocation in higher education.

    "Julie Dunbar’s Women, Music, Culture is not only an outstanding introduction related to "women in music," but also an excellent collection and presentation of many examples concerning a wide range of historical subjects, as well as contemporary musical genres and fields. The book is supplemented by questions for critical thinking and discussion, as well as ideas for further research; therefore, this publication provides basic and ideal working materials in undergraduate courses."

    Christa Brüstle, Heidelberg University, Germany

    "Women, Music, Culture is an excellent introductory undergraduate text that frames womens’ contributions to music in a global context, seriously examining a vast array of art and popular music within and outside of western culture."

    Allison Adrian, St. Catherine University, USA