1st Edition

Women and Cross Dressing 1800–1939

Edited By Heike Bauer Copyright 2006

    This three-volume collection focuses on writings by and about cross-dressing women from the early nineteenth century up until the beginning of World War II. In so doing, it provides a new perspective on one of the most decisive periods in the history of feminism. The anthology brings together for the first time key texts from the sexological and the literary realms, as well as newspaper articles, letters and photographs, which document the phenomenon of cross-dressing women in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century British culture. The collection also includes translations from European texts that impacted on British understandings of cross-dressing during this time. A fascinating work, each of the volumes is introduced separately with a critical essay, and is divided thematically to include sections devoted to theories, fictions and fictionalisations, and lives. Together, these volumes make available important source material for the history of feminism.

    VOLUME III FICTIONS AND LIVES (PART 2): 24: Androgyny; or, Woman Playing at Man; 25: A Book that must be suppressed; 26: Radclyffe Hall; 27: The Male Impersonator; 28: Woman's strange life as a man; 29: How the Colonel's secret was revealed; 30: Amazing mystery of a man-woman: sex changed at the age of 29; 31: ‘Girl' who was a man: error that lasted 24 years; 32: Photograph: Two male impersonators; 33: Photograph: Two women in suits seated on a horse carriage drinking beer; 34: Photograph: Industry, Transport and Agriculture: A woman wearing trousers and overall, bent under the weight of a hundredweight sack of coal she is carrying, at the South Metropolitan Gas Company, Old Kent Road, London; 35: Photograph: Industry, Transport and Agriculture: A full length portrait of two munition workers (munitionettes) at Woolwich Arsenal, showing their short overalls, trousers and caps; 36: Photograph: Medicine: The two ‘Women of Pervyse', Mairi Chisholm and the Baroness de T'Serclaes driving their motor ambulance through the ruins of Pervyse; 37: Photograph:Women's Royal Naval Service: WRNS officer instructing ratings in the use of anti-gas respirators at Lowescroft. The officer is wearing a tailored uniform and the rating a serge jacket and skirt; 38: Photograph: Women's Royal Naval Service: A WRNS motor driver in the driving seat of an open car; 39: Photograph: Industry, Transport and Agriculture: An Inspector and Sergeant in the Women's Police Service; 40: Photograph: Shipbuilding: Women dockyard workers at the blacksmith's forge when destroyer HMS ASHANTI was undergoing a refit at Immingham; 41: Dr James Barry: Her Secret Story


    Heike Bauer