1st Edition

Women and Global Entrepreneurship Contextualising Everyday Experiences

Edited By Maura McAdam, James Cunningham Copyright 2021
    374 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    374 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Entrepreneurship in context has been described as the third wave in entrepreneurship research. Accordingly, specific socio-economic, political, market, and institutional contexts are key to fostering, enabling, and enacting entrepreneurial activity and behaviours. These contexts shape everyday entrepreneurship experiences.

    This book is based on the premise that how gender is articulated within the entrepreneurial debate has to acknowledge context. However, context is not a construct that only applies to those economies and situations that differ from the presumed norm of Western developed nations. Adopting a more critical appraisal of how context is positioned within current theorizing around gender and entrepreneurial behaviours offers potential to progress debate whilst acknowledging that competing and contrasting contextual influences require clearer recognition. This book, therefore, has the potential to unearth credible and robust approaches to further examining contextualisation and women entrepreneurship that advances new insights.

    By exploring and examining how contextual influences shape women’s entrepreneurship, this book challenges the assumption that women entrepreneurship is the same throughout the world. It will be of value to researchers, academics, and students with an interest in entrepreneurship, political economy, economics, and public policy.

    1. Women and Global Entrepreneurship: Contextualising Everyday Experiences

    Maura McAdam and James A Cunningham 

    Part I: Where it happens 

    2. Tackling (un)freedoms: The Challenge for Women Entrepreneurs in the Caribbean

    Talia Esnard 

    3. Doing gender and entrepreneurial success: Contextualizing the experience of Arab entrepreneurs

    Hayfaa Tlaiss 

    4. Everyday Experiences of Rural Female Entrepreneurs in Uganda: The Impact of Entrepreneurship Training on Business Knowledge and Emancipation

    Sylvia K. Gavigan, Klavs Ciprikis and Tom Cooney 

    5. The Economic Integration of Women Refugee Entrepreneurs in New Zealand

    Nadeera Ranabahu, Huibert P. de Vries, and Zhiyan Basharati 

    6. Topography of Marginalities: Asylum Seeking Women Entrepreneurs in Israel

    Sibylle Heilbrunn 

    7. Religion, Caste, Ethnicity, and Firm Growth: Evidence from Women-Owned Small Firms in India

    Yuko Nikaido and Jesim Pais 

    8. Women’s entrepreneurship in the context of a matriarchal society in Indonesia

    Dian Mayasari, David Littlewood and Abbi Kedir 

    9. Out of the Fire and into the Frying Pan: When Women Leave Corporate Careers to Enter Entrepreneurship – Insights from Denmark

    Helle Neegaard and Anne Carlsen

    Part II: Who it happens to  

    10. ‘Making’ and ‘doing’ context: Sharing in an all Female Co-Working Hub

    Gabriel Griffin 

    11. How They Overcome: Minority Context, Resilience, and Black and Hispanic Women Entrepreneurs in the U.S.

    Maria V. Lugo, and Lois M. Shelton 

    12. Examining Female Underperformance Hypothesis from a Cultural-Institutions Perspective

    Punit Arora 

    13. Gendered returns to education for self-employed U.S. Millennials: A call for research

    Jessica K. Simon and Megan McDonald Way 

    14. Exploring Re-masculinization of Educational Practices in Entrepreneurship: a Global Dilemma?

    Maria Aggestam, Caroline Wigren-Kristoferson and Karin Hellerstedts

    15. Women’s Entrepreneurship and Changes in Institutional Context – Changes in Sweden’s Welfare System and Effects on Patriarchal Regimes

    Carin Holmquist and Elisabeth Sundin

    Part III When it happens 

    16. The Intellectual Structure of Research on women’s entrepreneurship in the Creative Industries

    João J. Ferreira, Pedro M. Veiga, Cristina I. Fernandes 

    17. Constraining Contexts in the Creative and Cultural Industries: Women Entrepreneurs in Architecture

    Mary Spaeth 

    18. Women’s Involvement in Chinese Family Business

    Huiping Xian and Johanna Jiang 

    19. Contextualizing CEO’s Experiences and Perspectives: The Multiple Paths to Social Venturing

    Patricia Gabaldon and Isabel Garcialomas Drake 

    20. Contextualizing the experiences of women entrepreneurs and comparative responses to challenges during a global pandemic

    Susan Clark Muntean


    Maura McAdam is Professor of Management and Director of Entrepreneurship at Dublin City University, Ireland.

    James A. Cunningham is Professor of Strategic Management and Director of Research and Innovation at the Department of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Strategy at Newcastle Business School at Northumbria University, UK.