288 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    288 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This is the first book to survey the participation of women in sport and physical education across Asia, from the Middle East and South Asia through to the Asia-Pacific region.

     Covering sport and physical activity at all levels, from school-based PE and community sport to elite, high-performance sport, the book provides an important overview of developments in policy, theory and research across this complex and dynamic region. It has a strong focus on gender equity but is informed by important intersecting influences that affect the lives of girls and women and their participation in sport. Including contributions from leading scholars from across the region, the book draws on multi-disciplinary perspectives, including sociology, cultural studies, anthropology, and history, and makes an important contribution to global understanding of diversity, challenges, and achievements in the sporting lives of Asian Women.

    This book will be a fascinating read for any student, researcher, or policy-maker working in sport studies, gender studies, women’s studies or Asian studies.

    Part I: Background and Initiatives


    1          Introduction: Asian Women in Sport

                Maryam Koushkie Jahromi, Rosa López de D’Amico and Maria Luisa M. Guinto


    2          International Developments in Policy for Equity: Girls and Women in Physical Education and Sport

                Rosa López de D’Amico and María Dolores González-Rivera


    3          Female Empowerment through ‘Sport & Development’ in Asia

                Marianne Meier


    Part II: Country Cases


    4          Bangladesh Women and Sport

                Mashuda Khatun Shefali


    5          Gender Equality and Opportunities in Physical Education and Sport for Women in China

                Jian Wang, Min Liu, Tao Wang, Yujie Wang and Siheng Zhou


    6          Women and Sport in Hong Kong

                Catherine M. Capio and Cindy H.P. Sit


    7          Women and Sport in India

                Usha Sujit Nair and Nisha Rebecca Eapen


    8          Indonesian Muslim Female Athletes: Wearing the Hijab with Pride

                Mustika Fitri, Nur Andini Suryalestari and Wulandari Putri


    9          Iranian Women in Sport

                Maryam Koushkie Jahromi


    10        Turning Point for Japanese Women and Sports: From the Moon to the Sun

                Yumi Terayama and Arisa Yagi


    11        Women and Sport in South Korea: Challenges and Achievements as Stepping Stones to the Future

                Kyungock Yi, Hyunmi Heu and Bona Lee


    12        Feminist Development in Sports and Physical Education in Macau

                Walter Ho, Klaudia Kukurova, Sin Ieng Auieong and Jiaxi Hu


    13        Sport in Malaysia: Towards Gender Equality

                Selina Khoo and Nor Eeza Zainal Abidin


    14        Women’s Participation in Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport in Oman

                Yousra Al-Sinani, Anfal Al-Wahaibi and Tansin Benn


    15        Women and Sport in Pakistan

                Soniha Aslam


    16        Women in Philippine Sport and Physical Education: Bridging the Gender Divide

                Maria Luisa M. Guinto, Gilda Lasat-Uy and Marilou F. Cantancio


    17        Women and Sport in Qatar

                Krystyna U. Golkowska


    18        Women and Sport in Saudi Arabia

                Mona Kamal Shahab, Marta Pérez-Villalba and Elise Kossaifi


    19        Women and Sport in Singapore

                Emily Ortega and Teoh Chin Sim


    20        Women and Sport in Sri Lanka

                Lilamani de Soysa, D.L.I.H.K. Peiris and Shiromi De Alwis


    21        Women and Sport in the Republic of Tajikistan

                Dilbar Turakhanova and Sophia Kasymova


    22        Analysis of Women and Sport in Turkey

                Canan Koca


    23        Exploring the United Arab Emirate’s Dynamic Sports Scene for Women

                Leonardo Mataruna-Dos-Santos, Nada Abdalmajeed Alshaibani, Mohammed Sayeed Khan and Asli Cazorla Milla


    Part III: Moving Forward


    24        Conclusion

                Maria Luisa M. Guinto, Rosa López de D’Amico and Maryam Koushkie Jahromi



    Rosa Lopez de D’Amico is Professor at Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador (UPEL), Venezuela.


    Maryam Koushkie Jahromi is Professor of Exercise Physiology, and Women’s Health and Sport, at Shiraz University, Iran.


    Maria Luisa M. Guinto is Associate Professor and Research Director of the College of Human Kinetics at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Philippines.