Women and Substance Abuse : Gender Transparency book cover
1st Edition

Women and Substance Abuse
Gender Transparency

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ISBN 9780789003898
Published July 16, 1998 by Routledge
300 Pages

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Book Description

In Women and Substance Abuse: Gender Transparency you’ll see what can be done to aid women in some of the world’s hardest hit substance abuse hubs, including Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and New Haven, Connecticut. Filled with timely research and practical solutions, this volume shows you what you can do to aid the tremendous and immediate need for specialized interventions in the lives of women.

Women and Substance Abuse considers many of the variables in the lives of women who abuse drugs--race, choice of drug, HIV risk, and drug treatment history--and gives you line-by-line proof of the need for custom-tailored harm reduction strategies for addicted women who are and who aren’t engaged in drug treatment therapy. In addition, you’ll see why frequent cocaine use, current physical and sexual abuse, and concerns relating to children can alter the success of therapies and treatments. Overall, this unique volume will broaden your understanding of the subject by covering:

  • gender differences in risk for gonorrhea infection
  • risk factors for women who trade sex for drugs and money
  • the role of physicians and prenatal care providers of substance abusing women
  • how drug treatment programs can be more multifacted to include planning, prenatal care, and parenting skills
  • prison-based therapeutic communities
  • long-term residential treatment for women with children, pregnant women, and women without children

    For every unique woman with a drug problem, there is a unique treatment. Women and Substance Abuse turns away from the lost cause of blanket treatments and takes you into the world’s slums and inner-city ghettoes, where the faces of addiction are as diverse as the women who bear its debilitating burdens. You’ll see women’s drug addiction for what it is--a montage of suffering and pain that only individual and specialized care can cure.

Table of Contents

Contents Introduction

  • Drug Use and Risks for HIV/AIDS Among Indigent Women in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  • Temporal Trends in HIV Risk Behaviors Among Out-of-Treatment Women Crack Users: The Need for Drug Treatment
  • Drug Use Patterns of Substance Abusing Women: Gender and Ethnic Differences in an AIDS Prevention Program
  • Differences Found Between Women Injectors In and Out of Treatment: Implications for Interventions
  • Ethnic and Cultural Differences in Drug-Using Women Who Are In and Out of Treatment
  • How Are Women Who Enter Substance Abuse Treatment Different than Men? A Gender Comparison from the Drug Abuse Treatment Outcome Study (DATOS)
  • Gender Differences in Risk Factors for Gonorrhea Among Alaskan Drug Users
  • Women and Violence: A Different Look
  • Physicians’ Assessment of Drug Use and Other HIV Risk Behavior: Reports by Female Drug Users
  • Revealing Drug Use to Prenatal Providers: Who Tells or Who Is Asked?
  • Pregnancy Among Women with a History of Injection Drug Use
  • Developing Comprehensive Prison-Based Therapeutic Community Treatment for Women
  • Residential Treatment for Women: Behavioral and Psychological Outcomes
  • Residential Treatment for Drug Addicted Women and Their Children: Effective Treatment Strategies
  • Gender Differences in the Economic Impacts of Clients Before, During, and After Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Index
  • Reference Notes Included

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