2nd Edition

Women as They Age, Second Edition

ISBN 9780789011268
Published March 2, 2001 by Routledge
272 Pages

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Book Description

Explore the needs of older women and ways to provide for them!

Written by women, about women, and for women, Women As They Age, Second Edition highlights the realities of being an aging woman in a youth-oriented, male-dominated society, in which socioeconomic and gender stratification are the norm.

In the eleven years since the publication of the original Women as They Age, there has been a great deal of research on the subject. This second edition is inclusive and current, providing valuable information on the needs and accomplishments of our present and future older population. Here you'll encounter women from the mainstream and minorities of all kinds, and come to a better understanding of their personal and family relationships, their sexuality, their concerns, and their feelings about death and dying. Public policies towards aging women are discussed, as are psychological and sociological perspectives.

In its focus on older women, Women As They Age, Second Edition, highlights the challenges that these women present to professionals whose job it is, directly or indirectly, to provide assistance to the vast array of aging and aged women. This valuable multidisciplinary book--aimed at students, practitioners, administrators, and educators--addresses crucial issues in social work, nursing, psychology, sociology, gerontology, and economics.

New subjects covered in this edition include:

  • grandmothers raising grandchildren
  • long-term care for aging women
  • the current status of public policy as it pertains to older women
  • older women's changing perspectives on sexuality
  • new issues surrounding death and dying
Women as They Age, Second Edition explores state-of-the-art and developmental perspectives across the professions of sociology, psychology, social work, and nursing. Also provided is a close examination of the unique issues facing older women--including public policy, employment discrimination, and social program adequacy and equity; the relationship of older women to family; sexuality and intimacy; and special concerns of minority women. This volume includes a practical resource guide that explores the services available to older women. While addressing the troublesome situations of older women worldwide, Women As They Age, Second Edition also celebrates their triumphs, accomplishments, and contributions.

Table of Contents


  • About the Editors
  • Contributors
  • Part I: Introduction
  • Chapter 1. Introduction: Accomplishments of Women As They Age
  • Accomplishments of Older Women
  • Overview of Contents
  • Chapter 2. Older Women: A Global View
  • The Aging Planet
  • Longevity: A Not-So-Delicate Balance
  • Marital Status
  • Employment
  • Income: The Haves and Have Nots
  • Health
  • Conclusion
  • Part II: Multidisciplinary Perspectives
  • Chapter 3. A Sociological Perspective on Women and Aging As the Millennium Turns
  • What Is a Sociological Perspective on Women and Aging?
  • What Is New?
  • Constraints Revealed and Emerging
  • What Is Next?
  • Chapter 4. Women and Aging: A Psychological Perspective
  • What Is a Psychological Perspective?
  • Biological, Social, and Environmental Influences
  • Historical Overview of Psychological Research on Women
  • Mental Processes and Aging
  • Personality Variables and Aging
  • Psychosocial Factors That Influence Well-Being
  • Conclusions
  • Chapter 5. Social Work Practice with Women As They Age
  • Clinical Social Work with Women in Middle Years
  • Clinical Social Work Services for Elderly Women
  • Summary and Recommendations
  • Chapter 6. Mental Health of Elderly Women
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Suicide
  • Alcohol Problems
  • Problems with Medications
  • Dementia
  • Elder Abuse
  • Chapter 7. Ethnic Minority Women As They Age
  • Ethnic Minority Status As Disadvantage
  • Ethic Minority Culture As Advantage
  • Conclusion and Comments
  • Part III: Special Issues
  • Chapter 8. Older Women's Relationships: Weaving Lives Together
  • Committed Partners
  • Perpetual Mothers
  • Influential Grandmothers
  • Supportive Sisters
  • Close Friends
  • Conclusions
  • Chapter 9. Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren: Parenting the Second Time Around
  • Demographic Characteristics
  • Developmental Issues
  • Consequences of Caregiving
  • Needs and Resources
  • The Future
  • Chapter 10. Sexuality and Intimacy for Aging Women: A Changing Perspective
  • Who Are Older Women?
  • Issues That Affect Sexuality in Older Women
  • Physical Changes in Sexuality
  • Special Populations
  • Interventions to Enhance Sexuality and Intimacy
  • Professional Contacts with Older Women
  • Future Trends
  • Chapter 11. Long-Term Care and the New Millennium
  • Introduction
  • What Is Long-Term Care?
  • A Continuum of Care?
  • Financing Long-Term Care: Who Pays?
  • Quality of Care in Nursing Homes
  • A Growth Industry
  • Caring for Others, Now Being Cared For
  • Alternatives to Nursing Homes
  • The “Oldest Old” and the Next Millennium
  • Chapter 12. The End of Aging: Women and Death
  • Confronting Loss
  • Facing Our Own Death
  • Conclusion
  • Part IV: Policies and Resources
  • Chapter 13. Public Policy Effects on the Health Care of Older Women: Who Is in Charge?
  • Introduction
  • Public Policy and Legislative Trends
  • Consumer Plans for Health Care
  • Health Care Treatment
  • Future Changes in Health Care
  • Chapter 14. A Practical Resource Guide
  • The Older Americans Act
  • Income Programs
  • Health Care Insurance and Services
  • Nutrition and Food Programs
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Home Health and Hospice Care
  • Homemaker Chore Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Institutionalization
  • Part V: Conclusions
  • Chapter 15. Conclusions: Empowerment and Self-Determination
  • Empowerment
  • Self-Determination
  • Chapter 16. Animal Wisdom
  • Index
  • Reference Notes Included

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