334 Pages 143 B/W Illustrations
    by Focal Press

    334 Pages 143 B/W Illustrations
    by Focal Press

    Women in Audio features almost 100 profiles and stories of audio engineers who are women and have achieved success throughout the history of the trade. Beginning with a historical view, the book covers the achievements of women in various audio professions and then focuses on organizations that support and train women and girls in the industry. What follows are eight chapters divided by discipline, highlighting accomplished women in various audio fields: radio; sound for film and television; music recording and electronic music; hardware and software design; acoustics; live sound and sound for theater; education; audio for games, virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality, as well as immersive sound.

    Women in Audio is a valuable resource for professionals, educators, and students looking to gain insight into the careers of trailblazing women in audio-related fields and represents required reading for those looking to add diversity to their music technology programs.


    1. A look at women in early audio history

    2. Radio

    3. Television

    4. Film

    5. Music Recording: Vinyl, Magnetic Tape

    6. Transducers (Microphones, Loudspeakers)

    7. Acoustic Design

    8. Education

    9. Sound Reinforcement

    10. Women’s Audio Mission

    11. SoundGirls.Org

    12. Audio Engineering Society


    Leslie Gaston-Bird (AMPS, MPSE) is an audio engineer, Governor-at-Large for the Audio Engineering Society, and member of the Recording Academy. She has worked for National Public Radio (Washington, D.C.), Colorado Public Radio, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, Post Modern Company, and the University of Colorado Denver.

    "Leslie Gaston has done a wonderful job of chronicling our history and the many women who contributed to it. Thanks for helping us to be more visible in an industry that hasn’t always made that easy." 

    Leslie Ann JonesGrammy® Winning Recording Engineer