1st Edition

Women in Management A Framework for Sustainable Work–Life Integration

By Alan T. Belasen Copyright 2017
    350 Pages 72 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    350 Pages 72 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book presents a realistic perspective on the paradoxes employees face when navigating work and personal responsibilities for career success. The author answers the critical question of how to achieve sustainable and rewarding work–life integration from a perspective of "both/and" rather than "either/or."

    While most books focus on a fragmented, hyper-effective view of women and leadership, this book advances the need for an integrated approach. Its Competing Values Framework acts as an organizing model that aligns personal competency with organizational capability, helping readers to identify important leadership roles and competencies, break societal barriers, and choose the right set of behaviors to fit their personal and professional goals. In-chapter text boxes provide personal insight from real employees both entering and established in leadership positions, offering a varied perspective on the challenges and resolutions available to women in management. As men become more engaged with their families, they too will find this book a useful tool.

    Students in diversity management, women and management, career development, leadership, and organizational behavior classes will benefit from this realistic and sustainable alternative to the "have it all" model.

    Introduction: Work-Life Integration

    Part I: Promoting Value Congruence

    1. Challenging the Binary

    2. Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

    Part II: Reinforcing Comparable Worth

    3. Promoting Equality in Management

    4. Cracking the Glass Ceiling

    Part III: Retaining Key Positions

    5. Creating Effective Boards

    6. Rethinking Women and Leadership

    Part IV: Breaking Societal Barriers

    7. Changing the Corporate Mindset

    8. Sustaining Diversity and Inclusion

    Conclusion: Quality of Work-Life


    Alan T. Belasen is Professor and former Chair of the Graduate Business, Management and Leadership programs at SUNY Empire State College, USA. He is the co-editor of Confronting Corruption in Business, published by Routledge in 2015.

    "In today’s world, women find themselves under tremendous pressure to perform with excellence in all life domains. For many, achieving work–life integration that is both enriching and rewarding is a highly challenging task. This excellent and important book tells the story of women worldwide and provides valuable information and research-based knowledge with the potential to improve the lives of millions of women who struggle with work–life conflict."
    Sigalit Ronen, California State University, Northridge, USA

    "Belasen approaches work–life interrelationships for women from an integration rather than a balance perspective, using the competing values framework. In this 'both/and' approach, paradoxes are observed as potential sources of productive tensions rather than liabilities. Strategies for facilitating leadership development for women, as well as the business case for doing so, are compellingly presented."
    Annis Golden, University at Albany, SUNY, USA


    "The bottom line: this book is well researched and well written, and if you are interested in women’s issues at work, you should read it. I foundmyselfwanting to devour it quickly, andwishing I had a fewmoreminutes before I had to pick up my kids from school to finish the chapter. But, I also found myself needing to slow down and take my time so as not to miss anything important. This book contains hundreds of theories and thousands of ideas...I hope Dr. Balasen’s theories receive the recognition they deserve, and I hope thiswork becomes a classic read for psychology and business students everywhere."

    Eleni Lobene, Chief Human Resources Officer, District Growth, Washington, DC