1st Edition

Women in Russian History From the Tenth to the Twentieth Century

Edited By Eve Levin, Natalia Pushkareva Copyright 1997
    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    300 Pages
    by Routledge

    As the first survey of the history of women in Russia to be published in any language, this book is itself an historic event -- the result of the collaboration of the leading Russian and American specialists on Russian women's history. The book is divided in to four chronological parts corresponding to eras of Russian history: (I) Kievan/Mongol (10th - 15th centuries); (II) Muscovite ( 16th - 17th centuries); (III) 18th century; and (IV) 19th - early 20th centuries.

    Each part gives coverage to four main topics: (1) The role of prominent women in public life, with biographical sketches of women who attained prominence in political or cultural life; (2) Women's daily life and family roles; (3) Women's status under the law; (4) Material culture and in particular women's dress as an expression of their place in society.

    List of Illustrations, Author's and Translator's Preface, Introduction, Chapter 1. Warriors, Regents, and Scholars: The Tenth to Fifteenth Centuries, Chapter 2. The Terem and Beyond: Women in Muscovy, Chapter 3. Empresses and Diarists: Women in the Enlightenment, Chapter 4. The New Women of the New Epoch: Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries, Epilogue. Women in the Soviet Union and After: 1917 to the 1990s, Notes, Selected Bibliography, Index


    Natalia Pushkareva, Eve Levin