1st Edition

Women in Teacher Training Colleges, 1900-1960 A Culture of Femininity

By Elizabeth Edwards Copyright 2001

    Women in Teacher Training Colleges, 1900-1960 is an intricate and fascinating investigation of the lives and experiences of women in these important educational institutions of the early twentieth century. The book provides an overview of the historical context of the development of the colleges, using detailed case studies of three colleges: Homerton, Avery Hill and Bishop Otter.
    Drawing on a wealth of archival material, primary and secondary sources, and on the oral testimonies of former pupils and staff, the book examines the following key themes:
    *the changing social class of women students
    *the colleges culture of femininity drawn from the family organization and social practices of the middle-class home
    *the conflicting public and private roles of the woman principal
    *the role of the college staff and the residential context of college life
    *women's sexuality
    *the last days of the womens colleges.Women in Teacher Training Colleges, 1900-1960 is an essential contribution to women's history and gives a unique insight into this neglected aspect of women's experiences in the twentieth century.

    Introduction 1 The historical context 2 The culture of femininity 3 The role of woman principal 4 The staff: academic and cultural enhancement 5 Sexuality 6 The last days of the women’s college: the 1950s Conclusion


    Elizabeth Edwards is a Senior Research Associate of Homerton College, Cambridge, and is a former librarian and archivist of the college. She has been published widely on many aspects of women’s lives in the teacher training colleges.