1st Edition

Women of Color Political Elites in the U.S. An Intersectional Approach

    120 Pages
    by Routledge

    120 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book focuses on women of color political elites in the United States in varying levels of office and non-elected positions.

    In recent years increased attention has been paid to the role that women of color play in U.S. politics. These actors bring different priorities to office and also have to navigate not only sexism, but also barriers due to their racial or ethnic identity among other politically salient identities such as sexual orientation, nativity, immigration status, religiosity and ability. The chapters in this volume employ a variety of methods better understand to how ethno-racial minority women navigate the U.S. political system. This book uses an intersectional approach to understanding the opportunities and challenges that women of color political elites face in American politics.

    The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of the Journal of Women, Politics, and Policy.

    Introduction: Women of Color Political Elites in the US: An Introduction, Personal Reflections, and a Call for Scholarly Engagement

    Nadia E. Brown, Christopher J. Clark, and Anna Mitchell Mahoney

    1. Women of Color Mobilizing: Sistahs are Doing It for Themselves from GOTV to Running Candidates for Political Office

    Christina Bejarano and Wendy Smooth

    2. Women Voters and the Utility of Campaigning as “Women of Color”

    Stacey Greene, Yalidy Matos, and Kira Sanbonmatsu

    3. Media Coverage of Female Candidates’ Traits in the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary

    Erin Cassese, Meredith Conroy, Dhrumil Mehta, and Franchesca Nestor

    4. Immigrants, Intersectionality and the Politics of Substantive Representation

    Christian Dyogi Phillips, Paru Shah, and Patrick Vossler

    5. Which Women, Exactly? Examining Gender Gaps in Legislative Responsiveness to Women’s Issue Advocacy through an Intersectional Lens

    Elizabeth Wiener

    6. Intersectional Stereotyping in Media Coverage: The Case of Stacey Abrams Versus Stacey Evans in Georgia

    Heather M. Hicks


    Nadia E. Brown is Professor of Government and Director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at Georgetown University, USA. She is co-author of Sister Style: The Politics of Appearance for Black Women Political Elites (2021).

    Christopher J. Clark is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA. He is author of Gaining Voice: The Causes and Consequences of Black Representation in the American States (2019).

    Anna Mitchell Mahoney is Administrative Associate Professor of Women's Political Leadership at Newcomb Institute at Tulane University, New Orleans, USA. She is the author of Women Take Their Place in State Legislatures: The Creation of Women’s Caucuses (2018).