1st Edition

Women's Work A Survey of Scholarship By and About Women

    400 Pages
    by Routledge

    396 Pages
    by Routledge

    While most women’s studies texts function “topically” as “readings” for courses and general use, Women’s Work: A Survey of Scholarship By and About Women takes a broad spectrum of women’s disciplines--psychological, artistic, religious, and philosophical--and gives you a diverse, interdisciplinary view of this important and ever-expanding field of study in one accessible volume. You’ll see that women are leading the world into the twenty-first century in such areas as education, business, health, and science. You’ll also find your appreciation for the current developments in women’s studies increase as you see how far-reaching and multifaceted this crucial discipline really is.

    Women’s Work avoids the compilations of topical readings that tend to bog down typical women’s studies courses and explores the different disciplines that continue to make this field central to the development of the academic world community. You’ll find your perspective on women’s studies expand and take on new meaning as you delve into these and other areas:

    • feminist approaches to research
    • the lack of women in science and feminist critiques of science
    • women and health
    • psychology and discussions on sex differences, sex similarities, and gender roles
    • communication differences between men and women
    • women in literature, art history, and metaphysics
    • Judeo-Christian religions and goddess religions

      This comprehensive compendium has something for everyone interested in the massive contribution that women have made--and will continue to make--in all areas of human development. All readers, especially women’s studies scholars, professors, students, and informed members of the general public looking for an excellent, up-to-date resource concerning the general direction of feminist disciplines today, will definitely want a copy of Women’s Work.

    Preface; Part one - General engineering science; Part two - Mechanical engineering and physical science; Part three - Electrical engineering science; Index


    Ellen Cole Alaska-pacific University, Anchorage, AK, USA) , Esther D Rothblum, Donna M Ashcraft