2nd Edition

Wood and Cellulosic Chemistry, Revised, and Expanded

By David N.S. Hon, Nobuo Shiraishi Copyright 2000

    This text details the principal concepts and developments in wood science, chemistry and technology. It includes new chapters on the chemical synthesis of cellulose and its technology, preservation of wood resources and the conservation of waterlogged wood.

    Ultrastructure and formation of wood cell wall; chemical composition and distribution; structure of cellulose - recent developments in its characterization; chemistry of lignin; chemistry of cell wall polysaccharides; chemistry of extractives; chemistry of bark; chemical characterization of wood and its components; colour and discoloration; chemical degradation; weathering and photochemistry of wood; microbial, enzymatic and biomimetric degradation of lignin in relation to bioremediation; chemical modification of wood; chemical modification of cellulose; chemical synthesis of cellulose; wood plasticization; wood-polymer composites; adhesion and adhesives; pressure-sensitive adhesives and forest products; wood-inorganic composites as prepared by the sol-gel process; preservation of wood; conservation of waterlogged wood; biodegradable plastics from lignocellulosics; recycling of wood and fibre products; pulping chemistry.


    David N.S. Hon, Nobuo Shiraishi

    "International praise for the first …It is easy to recommend this volume to both the wood chemistry expert and to any other interested scientist."
    ---Chemistry & Industry
    "This encyclopedic work covers….more aspects of the chemistry of wood and cellulose than have been available before in a single volume…This will be the bible of wood chemistry for the foreseeable future. Essential for any institution involved in wood chemistry."
    "Considered as a whole, the work offers a very good, up-to-date, and in some parts detailed survey of the specialized subject of wood and cellulose chemistry. . ..The book can be recommended for everyone in research and teaching who seeks an up-to-date account of the present state of knowledge regarding the chemistry of renewable raw materials, natural polymers, wood, and cellulose."
    ---Angewandte Chemie
    ". . .The rich source of references and the broad scope of the book make this collection a suitable addition for the library of both the experienced practitioner and those who are new to the field."
    ---Journal of the American Chemical Society
    ". . .Success in [the problem of complex upgrading of renewable resources] may be reached only by a thorough knowledge of the complex aspects of accessibility, composition, chemical modification and properties. In this respect, the book is recommended to all those involved in such activities, as well as to researchers and students specializing in wood's chemistry and biochemistry, and in technologies for its chemical and mechanical processing, as well."
    ---Cellulose Chemistry and Technology
    "This book should be compulsory reading for members of the SERC Chemistry Committee."
    ---Chemistry in Britain