1st Edition

Work and Aging A European Prospective

Edited By Jan Snel, R. Cremer Copyright 1995

    In the past few years the topic of work and ageing has received much public and professional interest. The progressive "greying" of the population and its impact on work is a problem of widespread and growing concern, with major consequences for the economy in terms of productivity, performance, health care, work design and entry opportunities; and for the individual older worker. A European Symposium on Work and Ageing was held in Amsterdam in 1993. It was intended not only for a forum of scientists but also for practitioners and policy-makers who are actually involved in this growing field of social interest.; "Work and Aging", a multi-disciplinary book derives, in part, from this symposium, but also includes especially invited contribributions from experts in occupational health and safety, organizational psychology, cognitive science, and ergonomics.; Throughout the diverse chapters, incentives are suggested on how and why an organization could benefit from the asset of an ageing worker. Training programmes for human resource management, with respect to the elderly and disabled worker in particular, are offered in order to deal effectively with vocational rehabilitation.

    Part 1 Aging, Work, and Health: Physical work and the consequences for the aging worker; Aging, work, and health; Job demands and work stress in relation to aging. Part 2 Aging and Mental Work Capacity: Judgement of position of an invisibly moving object in young and old adults; Aging and modern technology: how to cope with products and services; Working conditions: problems ahead for workers over 40. Part 3 Training and Educational Programmes: Motivational And Cultural Factors Underlying dysfunctioning of older employees; Matching vocational training programmes to age-related mental change: a social policy objective; Age and job performance. Part 4 Social Policy and Perspectives: Distribution of paid and unpaid work of people of 50+; Aged and disabled employees - successful business and rehabilitation - a case study.


    Jan Snel (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands) (Edited by) ,  R. Cremer (Edited by)