3rd Edition

Work and Human Behavior

By Walter S. Neff Copyright 2005
    362 Pages
    by Routledge

    364 Pages
    by Routledge

    Work is a many-sided human enterprise that has been written about from a great many different points of view, representing almost every field of knowledge and almost every level of our social structure. Merely to identify these points of view is an impressive task. The subject of work has been written about by theologians and philosophers, by poets and novelists, by historians, economists, and sociologists, by biologists and naturalists, by politicians, by essayists and journalists. It has been described as both a blessing and a curse, as the chief means through which man has developed a high culture, and as a ravager of our natural environment. Following the preface, and an introductory chapter on the scope of the problem of work the title is divided up into four main sections, which include: The Nature of Work, Clinical Issues, Work and Mental Health, and Some Contemporary Problems Since the first two editions, new issues have arisen that are currently leading to a certain amount of public uproar. The first issue concerns the sources of worker productivity prompted by the current decline of preeminence of United States industry both in the world market and in certain aspects of our internal market. The second issue involves the complex relations between work and mental health, with work being viewed, on one hand, as a factor in the generation of insecurity and mental illness and, from another, as a factor in the treatment of the severe mental disorders. While much of the current published material on these two issues is characterized more by heat than by enlightenment, the third edition includes new chapters in these widely debated areas.

    1: The Scope of The Problem; I: The Nature of Human Work; 2: Work and Human History; 3: The Study of work Behavior; 4: Work as a Sphere of Individual Behavior; 5: Psychoanalytic Theories of Work Behavior; 6: Psychological Theories of Work Behavior; 7: The Characteristics of Work Environments Toward a General Theory; 8: Work Behavior and The Work Personality; II: Clinical Issues; 9: The Assessment of Work Potential; 10: The Techniques of Work Adjustment; III: Work and Mental Health; 11: Psychopathology and Work: Some Conceptual Issues; 12: Work and The Psychoses; 13: Work Stress; IV: Some Contemporary Problems; 14: Social Barriers; 15: Work and Social Change; 16: Work in Perspective


    Walter Neff